10 Facts about Elephant Seals

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You will learn more about the earless seal on Facts about Elephant Seals.  In the end of the 19th century, the elephant seals were prone to extinction because of hunting. It comes with two major species. Both are the southern elephant seals and northern elephant seals. Today, the number of population of both species is recovered. The southern elephant seals have larger body compared to the northern counterpart. You can find them inhabiting the Pacific Coasts in Mexico, Canada and United States. Have you ever heard about Race Rocks? It is considered as the northernmost breeding place for the elephant seals on the Pacific Coast. You will get interesting facts about elephant seals by reading the following post:

Facts about Elephant Seals 1: the place of living for southern elephant seals

Do you know the habitat for the southern elephant seals? They can be found living in the coasts of South Africa and New Zealand. You can also have them in the Peninsula Valdes in Argentine. They also inhabit Macquarie Island and South Georgia. Most of them are spotted on the southern hemisphere.

Facts about Elephant Seals 2: the Peninsula Valdes

Do you know that the fourth largest colony of elephant seals in the world is located in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina?

Elephant Seals

Elephant Seals

Facts about Elephant Seals 3: a small colony

A small colony o 120 elephant seals is spotted in southern Chile at Jackson Bay.

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Facts about Elephant Seals 4: breeding season

The breeding of elephant seals takes place every year. They create their own breeding area with the members of the colony.

Elephant Seals Skull

Elephant Seals Skull

Facts about Elephant Seals 5: classification

Let us find out the classification of elephant seals. They are included in the family Phocidae and order Pinnipedia.

Facts about Elephant Seals 6: underwater

Almost 90 percent of elephant seal’s time was spent under the water to search for food. When they reach the sea, they can cover the distance 60 miles per day.

Pic of Elephant Seal

Pic of Elephant Seal

Facts about Elephant Seals 7: the weight of baby elephant seal

The weight of the baby elephant seals can reach the weight of 80 pounds. The length is measured at 4 feet. Sexual dimorphism is spotted on this animal because the female usually has the weight 10 times less than the male the counterpart. The male has greater dominance during the mating season due to the presence of large proboscis.

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Facts about Elephant Seals 8: the name of the seals

The seals are called elephant seals because of the large proboscis that the male seals have. It reminds the people with the elephant’s trunk.

Pic of Elephant Seals

Pic of Elephant Seals

Facts about Elephant Seals 9: the function of proboscis

During the mating season, the elephant seals will use the proboscis to generate the loud roaring sound.

Facts about Elephant Seals 10: the weight

The weight of northern elephant seal reached 2,500 kilogram. The southern ones have the weight of 3,000 kilogram.

Facts about Elephant Seals

Facts about Elephant Seals

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