10 Facts about Elf Owls

Friday, August 31st 2018. | Animals

If you want to know the member of the owl in the family Strigidae, you should read facts about Elf Owls. It has the biological name of Micrathene whitneyi. The breeding place of this species is located in two common places. Both are the Mexico and United States of America. Elf Owl takes the record as the lightest owl in the world. You can compare the weight of Elf Owls with the Tamulipas pygmy Owls and long whiskered Owls. Elf Owl is still the lightest and smallest one. Have you ever seen elf owl before? You can check the pictures of this owl since it does not inhabit all areas in the world. You can go to Mexico or US to spot the presence of elf owls. Let us get other interesting facts about Elf Owls below:

Facts about Elf Owls 1: the mean body weight

Can you guess the mean body weight of elf owl? It has the weight of 1.4 oz to 40 gram.

Facts about Elf Owls 2: the length

The length of elf owl is measured at 4.9 to 5.7 inches or 12.5 to 14.5 cm. The wingspan of elf owls reaches 10.5 inches or 27 cm.

Elf Owls

Elf Owls

Facts about Elf Owls 3: the physical characteristics

Let us find out the physical characteristics of elf owls. Most of them are bow legged owls with long legs.

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Facts about Elf Owls 4: communication

During the sunset or the dusk, people often hear the elf owls try to communicate with chuckle or pitched whinny. You can find the male and female elf owls on the trees. They will communicate by calling back and forth.

Elf Owls Pictures

Elf Owls Pictures

Facts about Elf Owls 5: the habitat

The best habitat for the elf owls is the neglected areas, which have hardwood trees, cottonwoods or sycamores. The abandoned areas mean that they will never get disturbed. They choose the place to raise their baby owls. They like to live inside the bare cavity than the vegetated one.

Facts about Elf Owls 6: the number of eggs

The female elf owls will lay their eggs in the late March to the beginning of May during the spring season. It can be one to five eggs. The common one is three eggs to lay by the female. The color of the egg is white. It has oval or round shape. The egg will hatch in mid June or early July. The new young will be ready to live on their own at the end of July.

Elf Owls Pic

Elf Owls Pic

Facts about Elf Owls 7: the activity

The elf owls have the most activity during the dusk.

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Facts about Elf Owls 8: threat

The male and female elf owls will work together to protect their nest.

Elf Owl

Elf Owl

Facts about Elf Owls 9: the predation

Hawks, other owls and jays can be the predators for elf owls.

Facts about Elf Owls 10: migration

The migration of elf owls takes place during the summer and spring season for breeding.

Facts about Elf Owls

Facts about Elf Owls

Are you interested reading facts about elf owls?