10 Facts about Eli Whitney

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You will know more about the American inventor on Facts about Eli Whitney. He was born on 8th December 1765 and died on 8th January 1825. His famous invention was the cotton gin. The economy in the Antebellum South was totally changed due to the presence of Whitney’s invention. During the Industrial Revolution, it was considered as one of the major inventions, which affected the life of the people. The cotton was turned into a profitable crop due to his invention. However, Whitney had to deal with the legal battle of the patent of the cotton gin, which made him lose a lot of profit. Let us get other impressive facts about Eli Whitney below:

Facts about Eli Whitney 1: manufacturing muskets

Whitney decided to manufacture muskets for the US Army to turn his attention from the legal battles of the cotton gin. He still focused to make inventions until he passed away in 1825.

Facts about Eli Whitney 2: the birthplace and birth date

The birth date of Whitney was on 8 December 1765. The birthplace of Whitney was located in Westborough, Massachusetts.

Eli Whitney Facts

Eli Whitney Facts

Facts about Eli Whitney 3: parents

His mother was Elizabeth Fay who came from Westborough. His father was a rich farmer. His name was Eli Whitney Sr. The junior Whitney was the eldest child in the family.

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Facts about Eli Whitney 4: the death of her mother

When Eli was 11 years old, her mother passed away in 1777.

Facts about Eli Whitney

Facts about Eli Whitney

Facts about Eli Whitney 5: during the Revolutionary War

During the Revolutionary War, Eli Whitney was worked in the workshop of his father for operating the nail manufacturing. He was only 14 years old when being involved in this profitable business.

Facts about Eli Whitney 6: the wish to attend college

Whitney actually wanted to go to the college to pursue higher education. However, he could fulfill his wish due to the opposition of his stepmother. To gain money, Whitney decided to become a schoolteacher and a farm laborer.

Eli Whitney Petition

Eli Whitney Petition

Facts about Eli Whitney 7: education

In the fall of 1789, Whitney went to Leicester Academy of Yale. Today, it is called Becker College. His tutor was Rev. Elizur Goodrich. In 1792, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa. He was interested to choose law as the major of his study. He had to accept the job as a private tutor by living in South Carolina due to the lack of fund. However, he decided to go to Georgia instead of South Carolina because it was the perfect place to make fortune.

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Facts about Eli Whitney 8: Georgia plantation

Whitney made his visit to Georgia plantation in Mulberry Grove due to the invitation of Mrs. Green that he met during his sail to South Carolina.

Eli Whitney Cotton Gin

Eli Whitney Cotton Gin

Facts about Eli Whitney 9: the business partners

The bussines partner of Whitney was Phineas Miller served as the plantation manager.

Facts about Eli Whitney 10: the major innovations of Whitney

The cotton gins and interchangeable parts were considered as two major innovations of Whitney during his life.

Eli Whitney Coat

Eli Whitney Coat

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