10 Facts about Elias Howe

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Facts about Elias Howe make us talk about the American inventor. He was born on 9th July 1819 and died on 3rd October 1867. The famous invention of Howe was the modern lockstitch sewing machine. The birthplace of Howe was located in Spencer, Massachusetts. His mother was Polly Howe. The name of his father was Dr. Elias Howe Sr. The full name of Howe was Elias Howe Jr. You will get the details about Howe by reading the following post below:

Facts about Elias Howe 1: living in Massachusetts

Howe lived in Massachusetts during his early years. He was raised there. In 1835, Howe started his apprenticeship in Lowell at a textile factory.

Facts about Elias Howe 2: moving to Cambridge

Howe decided to relocate to Cambridge, Massachusetts when the mill was closed because of the Panic 1837. He and Nathaniel P. Banks, his cousin became an apprentice as a mechanic.

Elias Howe Facts

Elias Howe Facts

Facts about Elias Howe 3: Ari Davis

Ari Davis was a master of mechanic who lived in Cambridge. He owned a shop. Howe became his apprentice in 1838. The primary focus of the shop was manufacturing and fixing the precision instruments like chronometers and other items.

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Facts about Elias Howe 4: the idea of a sewing machine

The idea of sewing machines came up when Howe and Davis worked in the shop.

Elias Howe Pics

Elias Howe Pics

Facts about Elias Howe 5: personal life

Are you curious with the personal life of Howe? His wife was Elizabeth Jennings Ames. The couple married on 3rd March 1841. His mother in law was Jane B. Ames, while his father in law was Simon Ames. The couple were blessed with three kids. They were Jane Robinson Howe, Simon Ames Howe and Julia Marian Howe.

Facts about Elias Howe 6: Howe’s idea on sewing machine

If you think that Howe was the first person who conceived the idea of a sewing machine, you are very wrong. The earliest idea of a sewing machine was traced back in 1790. There were at least 80 patents of the designs of sewing machines.

Elias Howe

Elias Howe

Facts about Elias Howe 7: the design of Howe’ sewing machine

The design of Howe’ sewing machine was different since it featured improvements on the previous designs. Compared to the previous designs, his sewing machine was better.

Facts about Elias Howe 8: the patent of Howe

Howe earned his patent for a sewing machine with a lockstitch design in United States on 10 September 1846.

Facts about Elias Howe

Facts about Elias Howe

Facts about Elias Howe 9: finding investor

Though the invention of Howe’s sewing machine seemed promising, it was not easy for him to get the investors. Amasa Bemis Howe decided to travel to England to get the financing for the machine.

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Facts about Elias Howe 10: the first sale

William Thomas from Cheapside, London was considered as the first buyer of Howe’s sewing machine. He had a company, which produced valises, umbrellas and corsets.

Elias Howe Pic

Elias Howe Pic

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