10 Facts about Elisha Otis

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Let me elaborate the interesting Facts about Elisha Otis in the following post. Have you ever heard about Otis? He was recognized as an American industrialist. He was born on 3rd August 1811 and died on April 8th, 1861. His full name is Elisha Graves Otis. He had an important inventor to serve the world. It was a safety device used to prevent the elevators from falling when failure occurred on the hoisting cable.

Facts about Elisha Otis 1: Otis Elevator Company

Otis Elevator Company was established Elisha Otis. One of his primary inventors dealt with the safety device for the elevator.

Facts about Elisha Otis 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Otis was located in Halifax, Vermont. His mother was Phoebe Glynn. The name of his father was Stephen Otis.

Elisha Otis Image

Elisha Otis Image

Facts about Elisha Otis 3: a wagon driver

Otis became a wagon driver for five years after he left home at the age of 19. He worked in Troy, New York.

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Facts about Elisha Otis 4: personal life

Are you curious with the personal life of Elisha Otis? Susan A. Houghton was the wife of Otis. The couple married in 1834. They were blessed with two kids. They were Charles and Norton.

Facts about Elisha Otis

Facts about Elisha Otis

Facts about Elisha Otis 5: pneumonia

Otis nearly lost his life due to pneumonia, which affected him. He was capable to relocate to Vermont Hills along with his wife and kid after getting enough money.

Facts about Elisha Otis 6: design

Otis tried to earn the money by designing his own gristmill. However, it was not accepted by the marketplace. Then he decided to transform the gristmill into a sawmill. Still, no one was attracted with his product. Otis began to create carriages and wagons after he had the second son. He had to look after his young sons after the death of his wife.

Elisha Otis

Elisha Otis

Facts about Elisha Otis 7: the new life for Otis

Otis started a new life by getting married again at the age of 34. He relocated to Albany, New York. He worked at Otis Tingely as a doll maker.

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Facts about Elisha Otis 8: a robot turner

Otis had a patent for his invention of a robot turner. He made it since he was tired and bored creating 12 toys for the whole day. In one day, the robot turner could generate five bedsteads. He earned $500 bonus from his boss.

Elisha Otis Pic

Elisha Otis Pic

Facts about Elisha Otis 9: creating his own business

Otis decided to run his own business by leasing a building where he created a design for a safety brake.

Facts about Elisha Otis 10: safety elevator

Otis created an elevator company. He called it Union Elevator Works. Then the name was changed into Otis Brothers & Co.

Elisha Otis Facts

Elisha Otis Facts

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