10 Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton

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Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton present the information about the founder of the firs Catholic Girl’s school in United States. She was born in the country on 28 August 1774 and died on 4 January 1821. Do you know that the Roman Catholic Church canonized her on 14 September 1975? The location of her first Catholic Church was in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The Sisters of Charity was also founded by Seton as the first congregation of religious sisters in United States. If you want to know more about her, check the following post:

Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton 1: the full name and early life

The birth name of Seton was Elizabeth Ann Bayley. Her mother was Catherine Charlton. She was from New York City. Her father was Dr. Richard Bayley who worked as a surgeon. Seton was the second child in the family. Her parents were considered as one of the early settlers living in New York.

Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton 2: the role of Dr Bayley

Dr Bayley had an important role in the society. He served as the Chief Health Officer for Port of New York. When the yellow fever affected New York City, he would care for the people. Then he was appointed by Columbia College as the first professor of anatomy.

Elizabeth Ann Seton Fact

Elizabeth Ann Seton Fact

Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton 3: the mother of Seton

Her mother was also from a prominent family. Her grandfather was a priest for the Church of England. For at least 30 years, her grandfather served as a rector for St. Andrew’s Church on Staten Island. When Seton was 3 years old, her mother died due to birth complication in 1777.

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Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton 4: a religious upbringing

Seton grew up in a religious family. He was taught religion since she was a kid.

Elizabeth Ann Seton Statue

Elizabeth Ann Seton Statue

Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton 5: the second marriage of her father

Charlotte Amelia Barclay was the stepmother of Seton. She often took her to come to charitable events where she gave foods to the poor. However, the marriage of her father and the new wife ended up in separation.

Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton 6: rejection

Seton was rejected by her stepmother after the separation took place. Therefore, she decided to focus on writing journals.

Elizabeth Ann Seton Image

Elizabeth Ann Seton Image

Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton 7: the content of her journals

From the journals, you can find out that Seton was in love with music, poetry and nature. The most loved musical instrument of hers was piano.

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Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton 8: marriage

The marriage between Elizabeth and William Magee Seton took place on 25 January 1794. At that time, her husband was 25, while Elizabeth was 19. Her husband had an import trade business. He was known due to his wealth.

Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton

Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton

Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton 9: the spiritual director

The spiritual director of Elizabeth was John Henry Hobart who was appointed as a Bishop later.

Facts about Elizabeth Ann Seton 10: Roman Catholics

She decided to embrace Roman Catholicism. On 14 March 1805, the Catholic Church received her after he returned to New York from Italy.

Elizabeth Ann Seton Facts

Elizabeth Ann Seton Facts

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