10 Facts about Elizabeth Bathory

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Facts about Elizabeth Bathory talk about one of the famous figures in Hungary. She was known as Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed. She was born on August 7th, 1560 and died on August 21st, 1614. She was from the famous Bathory family of nobility. At that time, people suspected her as a serial killer. Bathory was very rich since this Hungarian noblewoman owned land in Transylvania and Kingdom of Hungary. The Guinness World Records consider Bathory as the most prolific female murderer. Though the debate related to the number of her victims is still in debate. Let us find out other impressive facts about Elizabeth Bathory below:

Facts about Elizabeth Bathory 1: killings

In 1585 until 1609, Bathory along with four people became the suspects of killing and torturing young women.

Facts about Elizabeth Bathory 2: the number of victims

The number of victims of Bathory was 650 people according to the trial. The number actually claimed by Susannah. She was a serving girl. She said that she had seen one of the Bathory’s private books about the figure of her victims. However, the revelation of the book never took place.

Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory

Facts about Elizabeth Bathory 3: the influence of her family

Bathory’s family had a great level of influence in the kingdom of Hungary. There is no need to wonder that she was able to avoid trial because her family used the influence.

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Facts about Elizabeth Bathory 4: imprisonment

In December 1610, Bathory had to live in Čachtice Castle, in Upper Hungary to serve her imprisonment. She had to stay inside a room without a window. Four years later, she died.

Elizabeth Bathory Prison

Elizabeth Bathory Prison

Facts about Elizabeth Bathory 5: testimony

The testimony related the brutality of Bathory was taken from 300 survivors and witnesses. At the time of her arrest, they found the imprisoned girls.

Facts about Elizabeth Bathory 6: the vampire like character

Years after the death, Bathory was often described with vampire like character. It was believed that she used the blood of virgins to keep her young by bathing in it. However, the story is considered deceitful.

Elizabeth Bathory Facts

Elizabeth Bathory Facts

Facts about Elizabeth Bathory 7: a national folklore

Bathory becomes a national folklore until this present day. Her story is famous in the world.

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Facts about Elizabeth Bathory 8: comparison

Her vampire like character is often compared with Vlad the Impaler of Wallachia. The latter one is the inspiration for Count Dracula. Therefore, she also earns the nickname as Countess Dracula or Blood Countess.

Elizabeth Bathory Fact

Elizabeth Bathory Fact

Facts about Elizabeth Bathory 9: the birthplace and early life

Bathory was from a privileged family. The birthplace was located on a family estate in Nyírbátor. She had high social status with great wealth.

Facts about Elizabeth Bathory 10: burial

On 25th November 1614, her body was buried at church of Čachtice. However, another source that her body was moved into her home due to the uproar of the people. Today, the location of Bathory’s body is not known.

Facts about Elizabeth Bathory

Facts about Elizabeth Bathory

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