10 Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder

Tuesday, September 11th 2018. | Arts

Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder elaborate the details about the famous Scottish printmaker and painter. She was born on September 24, 1931. Blackadder is famous in the art world because she won the election for the Royal Academy and Royal Scottish Academy. It was a big achievement for her. Blackadder took a teaching post at the Edinburgh College of Art in 1962. In 1986, she retired from the post. When people see her works, they will be impressed as Blackadder used many objects as her media. She has worked in printmaking, drawing, watercolor and oil paint. If you are still curious about Elizabeth Blackadder, check the following post below:

Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder 1: space

One of her careful attentions when creating an art piece is the space between objects. You can spot this behavior in her drawings and paintings.

Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder 2: the painting job

Blackadder’s works are related to landscapes and portraits at first. You can spot the extreme detailing on her future works, which depict the flowers and cats.

Elizabeth Blackadder Facts

Elizabeth Blackadder Facts

Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder 3: where to view Blackadder’s works

Are you interested to check the works of Blackadder? You have to go to the Museum of Modern Art located in New York. Or you can visit the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and Tate Gallery.

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Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder 4: the Royal Mail Stamps

Blackadder must be proud when the Royal Mail Stamps feature her works.

Elizabeth Blackadder Image

Elizabeth Blackadder Image

Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder 5: the Christmas card

Do you know that the official Christmas card for the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond was painted by Blackadder in 2012?

Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder 6: the birthplace

The birthplace of Blackadder was located at 7 Weir Street. She also grew up and spent the childhood time here.

Elizabeth Blackadder

Elizabeth Blackadder

Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder 7: parents

Her mother was Violet Isabella Blackadder. Her father was Thomas Blackadder. She was the third kid in the family. Her mother was supportive toward her education. She made sure that Blackadder got her opportunity. Therefore, Blackadder was trained as a domestic science teacher.

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Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder 8: the death of her father

When Blackadder was only 10 years old, her father passed away. In 1984, her mother passed away at the age of 89. When she was a child, she liked to spend more her time reading. She felt alone during the childhood time. She was interested to collect the local flowers during the teen years. That is why she was keen to paint flowers and plants in most of her later works.

Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder

Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder

Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder 9: William Gillies

William Gillies was a famous painter who became her tutor while at the university. She also learned about the early Byzantine art.

Facts about Elizabeth Blackadder 10: traveling

Blackadder had visited Italy, Greece and Yugoslavia for three months in 1954 by keeping his scholarship money to study about art.

Elizabeth Blackadder Pic

Elizabeth Blackadder Pic

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