10 Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell

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Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell give the important information about British physician. She was born on February 3rd, 1821 and died on May 31st, 1910. People recognize her as the first woman who earned a medical degree in US. Blackwell also held another record as the first woman on the Medical Register of General Medical Council. She was an inspiration for all women in United States since she provided an opportunity for them to study and work in medicine. That is why she also took the title as the first woman who graduated from a medical school. During her life, she spread her wing in UK and US as a social and moral reformer. Let us find out other interesting facts about Elizabeth Blackwell below:

Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell 1: a national holiday

People admit that Blackwell had given a big contribution in increasing the role of women in the field of medicine. February 3, is considered as a national holiday for her. People call it as the National Women Physicians Day.

Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell 2: the sister of Blackwell

Do you know the third woman who earned a medical degree in United States? She was Blackwell’s sister. Her name was Emily.

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts

Elizabeth Blackwell Facts

Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell 3: the birthplace

The birthplace of Blackwell was located in Bristol, England at a house on Dickson Street.

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Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell 4: parents

Her mother was Hannah Lane. Her father was Samuel Blackwell. He worked as a sugar refiner.

Elizabeth Blackwell Headstone

Elizabeth Blackwell Headstone

Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell 5: siblings

Anna and Marian were the name of her older siblings. Samuel, Henry, Emily, Sarah Ellen, John and George were the younger siblings of Blackwell.

Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell 6: the early life

Blackwell’s early life was mostly centered on her house located at 1 Wilson Street, off Portland Square, Bristol. Her father influenced her the most. She stated that she had a happy and loving childhood.

Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell

Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell 7: liberal attitude

Blackwell’s father had liberal point of view. He believed that all children in the family should get a good education whether they were girls or boys. Her father provided the children with private tutors to make sure that they had better education.

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Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell 8: as a medical student

Hobart College accepted Blackwell as their medical student in October 1847. Then she was called to Geneva Medical College.

Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell

Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell

Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell 9: a medical degree

Blackwell earned her medical degree on 23 January 1849. Her graduation was also reported by the press. She pursued higher education in medicine by visiting Europe in April 1849. At first, she went to Britain to visit some hospitals. Then she went to Paris. However, many hospitals rejected her since she was a woman.

Facts about Elizabeth Blackwell 10: experience

Blackwell received a lot of experience in training and mentoring when she was accepted as a student midwife at La Maternité.

Elizabeth Blackwell Stamp

Elizabeth Blackwell Stamp

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