10 Facts about Elizabeth II

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Facts about Elizabeth II present the information about the Queen of United Kingdom. The commonwealth realms also consider her as their queen. She was born on 21st April 1926. Her birth name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. People recognize her more as they recognize Elizabeth II. The birthplace of the queen was located in London. Duke and Duchess of York were the parents of Elizabeth. She did not go to school since she had a private education at home. In 1936, King Edward VIII was abdicated for his throne as a king. Therefore, the father of Elizabeth took over the throne. Elizabeth became the presumptive heir. If you want to know more about Elizabeth II, check the following post below:

Facts about Elizabeth II 1: the life during the Second World War

Elizabeth was in the Auxiliary Territorial Service during the World War II for her public duties.

Facts about Elizabeth II 2: marriage

Her husband is a former prince of Greece and Denmark. His name is Philip. The marriage took place in 1946. He is known as Duke of Edinburgh. The couple has four kids. They are Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. The former one is known as Prince of Wales. Anne takes the title as Princess Royal. Duke of York is the title for Andrew, while Earl of Wessex is for Edward.

Elizabeth II 1929

Elizabeth II 1929

Facts about Elizabeth II 3: the death of Elizabeth’s father

In February 1952, the father of Elizabeth passed away which made her as the queen of United Kingdom. She became the queen regnant for seven commonwealth countries. They are UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Ceylon and Pakistan.

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Facts about Elizabeth II 4: independence

Ceylon, Pakistan and South Africa gained their independence from United Kingdom between 1956 and 1992. The former one today is known as Sri Lanka.

Elizabeth II Fact

Elizabeth II Fact

Facts about Elizabeth II 5: the famous celebrations of Elizabeth

Elizabeth has her coronation in 1953. In 1977, 2002, and 2012, she had Silver, Golden and Diamond Jubilees.

Facts about Elizabeth II 6: a Sapphire Jubilee

The first British monarch who reaches a Sapphire Jubilee is Elizabeth II. She celebrates it in 2017.

Elizabeth II Pic

Elizabeth II Pic

Facts about Elizabeth II 7: criticism

Though many people adore her as a queen, some give her criticism in a number of issues such as the death of Princess Diana, her annus horribilis in 1992 and divorce of her children’s marriage.

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Facts about Elizabeth II 8: popularity

Despite the criticism, many people still support her. Her popularity is still high in the country. She is considered as the longest living British monarch. The record of queen Victoria has been surpassed by Elizabeth.

Facts about Elizabeth II

Facts about Elizabeth II

Facts about Elizabeth II 9: Prince Charles

Prince Charles will serve as the head of the Commonwealth according to the government leaders of the Commonwealth of Nations on April 20th, 2018. Elizabeth made a statement that it was her wish for Charles to follow her footpath.

Facts about Elizabeth II 10: preparation and plans for her death

Due to her old age, most British government and media organizations have prepared the plans for her death for decades.

Elizabeth II Facts

Elizabeth II Facts

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