10 Facts about Elizabeth Laird

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Let me tell you the Facts about Elizabeth Laird. She was the British author who focused on writing the travel books and children’s fiction. The birth year of Laird was in 1943 in New Zealand. The books of Lairds are very popular in the world. There is no need to wonder that they have been translated in 15 languages. Laird also wrote a collection of folktales from Ethiopia. Talking about her parents, her mother was from New Zealand, while her father was from Scotland. You will get more information about the early life, childhood, and career of Laird, if you check the following post:

Facts about Elizabeth Laird 1: relocation

In 1945, the family of Laird decided to relocate to Purley. It was situated nearby London. In 1947, the fifth child of the family was born. In 1949, he passed away after having severe disabilities.

Facts about Elizabeth Laird 2: Red Sky in the Morning

Red Sky in the Morning was published in 1988 by Heinemann. It was the first novel for children written by Laird. The story was inspired from the death of the fifth child in the family.

elizabeth laird facts

elizabeth laird facts

Facts about Elizabeth Laird 3: living and working in Malaysia

Laird went to Malaysia when she was 18 years old. She became a teaching assistant at Kolej Tunku Kurshiah, Seremban for a year.

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Facts about Elizabeth Laird 4: a bite for a snake

One of the horrible experiences of Laird was when she was bitten by a poisonous snake in South China Sea. Fortunately, she survived.

Facts about Elizabeth laird

Facts about Elizabeth laird

Facts about Elizabeth Laird 5: education

Laird attended Bristol University. Then she went to Institute of Education in London so that she would be qualified as a teacher. Then she worked for Prince Bede Mariam Laboratory School.

Facts about Elizabeth Laird 6: traveling to Ethiopia

Laird was interested to learn more about Ethiopia after she traveled to the country for two years. She explored the regions of Ethiopia by horse and on foot.

elizabeth laird Pic

elizabeth laird Pic

Facts about Elizabeth Laird 7: the continued education

Laird went to University of Edinburgh, which gave her a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. Then she found a teaching post at Pathway Further Education Centre in Southall.

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Facts about Elizabeth Laird 8: personal life

In 1975, Laird and David McDowall married. The couple met on a plane in India. McDowall and Laird lived in Baghdad because her husband worked at the British Council in the city. Laird became a violinist after she joined the Iraq Symphony Orchestra.

elizabeth laird picture

elizabeth laird picture

Facts about Elizabeth Laird 9: Kiss the Dust

Kiss the Dust is the second novel of Laird. It was published in 1990. The inspiration of the novel was gained from her visit to the Kurdish region in Iraq.

Facts about Elizabeth Laird 10: the famous works

Laird writes novels short stories and pictures book for children. Some of her popular novels are The Witching Hour (2009), A Little Piece of Ground (2003), Lost Riders (2008), Oranges in No Man’s Land (2006) and Hiding Out (1993).



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