10 Facts about Elizabeth of York

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Facts about Elizabeth of York give the impressive information about the wife of Henry VII. She was born on February 11th, 1466 and died on February 11, 1503. Elizabeth was known as the first Tudor queen. She was the wife of Henry VII. Richard III was her niece. Edward IV was her father. In 1485, Henry and Elizabeth married. The Wars of Roses ended after the victory of Henry at the Battle of the Bosworth Field. The couple was blessed with four sons. The next throne of England was at the hand of their son, Henry VIII due to the earlier deaths of his three siblings before their father. Find out other impressive facts about Elizabeth of York in the following post below:

Facts about Elizabeth of York 1: as a Yorkist princess

Elizabeth was known as a Yorkist princess. Since Henry Tudor needed the support from the Yorkist, he decided to marry Elizabeth. The latter had a bitter relationship with Richard III. However, he welcomed her and her sisters in his courts after they were declared illegitimate. Her two brothers , Princes in the Tower were not known.

Facts about Elizabeth of York 2: queen consort

In 1486 until 1503, Elizabeth of York earned the role as the queen consort for England. However, she had less participation in politics.

Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York

Facts about Elizabeth of York 3: Prince of Wales

Arthur was the eldest son of Elizabeth and Henry. He was known as Prince of Wales. In 1502, he passed away at the age of 15. The three other kids of the couple also died early.

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Facts about Elizabeth of York 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Elizabeth of York was located at Palace of Westminster. Her mother was Elizabeth Woodville, while her father was King Edward IV. She was the eldest child in the family.

Facts about Elizabeth of York

Facts about Elizabeth of York

Facts about Elizabeth of York 5: christening celebration

The christening celebration for Elizabeth of York took place in Westminster Abbey. Both of her grandmothers became the sponsor for the celebration along with the 16th Earl of Warwick named Richard Neville. He was her cousin.

Facts about Elizabeth of York 6: betrothal

In 1469, the betrothal between George Neville and Elizabeth took place when she was only three. It was called off due to the support of George’s father to rebel against the father of Elizabeth, King Edward.

Henry VII in Mourning

Henry VII in Mourning

Facts about Elizabeth of York 7: the throne of England

Elizabeth did not claim her right to become the queen regent although she was the eldest daughter of King Edward IV.

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Facts about Elizabeth of York 8: the marriage of Elizabeth

Henry VII realized the importance of marrying Elizabeth to make sure that his reign would be stable. Though Elizabeth had strong claim, he did not want to share power with her.

Elizabeth of York Pic

Elizabeth of York Pic

Facts about Elizabeth of York 9: crown as the king

Henry had been crowned as the king of England before he had his marriage with Elizabeth of York.

Facts about Elizabeth of York 10: as a queen

Elizabeth became the queen of England on 25 November `1487.

Elizabeth of York Facts

Elizabeth of York Facts

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