10 Facts about Elizabethan Times

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Facts about Elizabethan Times make the readers understand more about the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. This Tudor period is very important to learn because it was known as the golden age in the English history. In 1572, the female personification of Great Britain called Britannia was first employed to show the renaissance period during the Elizabethan period. Under the Tudor rulers, England has more optimistic and expansive life. Moreover, the people also had greater level of economy. The other fields like literature, music and poetry were also flourished. Let us find out other impressive facts about Elizabethan Times below:

Facts about Elizabethan Times 1: William Shakespeare

When we heard about William Shakespeare, we always remember Rome and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello and King Hamlet. All of them were the masterpieces of Shakespeare created during the Elizabethan era. The work of theatre at that time was in its culmination.

Facts about Elizabethan Times 2: the rival with Spanish armada

During the Elizabethan era, English was capable to repulse the Spanish armada. In 1585 until 1604, Spain and Britain entered the Anglo-Spanish War.

Facts about Elizabethan Times

Facts about Elizabethan Times

Facts about Elizabethan Times 3: the United Kingdom

Another important event during the period was the union between Scotland and England. In the past, both were considered as two separate realms.

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Facts about Elizabethan Times 4: government

The reforms of Henry VII and Henry VIII led into the development of effective, organized and centralized government.

Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I

Facts about Elizabethan Times 5: the economy of England under Elizabeth I

The preceded reign gave Elizabeth a major homework in economy of England. She had a responsibility to restore the economy. Therefore, the queen decided to have frugal policies. In 1574, England finally was free from debt. It has a surplus of £300,000 10 years later.

Facts about Elizabethan Times 6: the first stock exchange

The first stock exchange in England was established by Sir Thomas Gresham in 1665 under the name Royal Exchange. The economy was also expanded because England has lowered tax.

Invincible Armada

Invincible Armada

Facts about Elizabethan Times 7: the age of conspiracies

Elizabeth was a Protestant, while Queen of Scots, Mary was a Catholic. The high officials in Rome, Paris and Madrid tried to kill Elizabeth and made Mary as the queen of England. One of the plots was Throckmorton Plot, which tried to restore the Catholic Church.

Facts about Elizabethan Times 8: Babington Plot

Another plot was Babington Plot, which ended with Mary’s execution.

Elizabethan Times Pic

Elizabethan Times Pic

Facts about Elizabethan Times 9: the food supply

In this age of prosperity, the people in England did not face any scarcity of food. The food supply was great enough. Famine was not spotted during the era. The law was enacted to decide the fixed price of the staple foods in town.

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Facts about Elizabethan Times 10: the diet

Beer, milk, cheese and bread were the common foods for the poor. At the end of the period, potato became an important food for English people.

Elizabethan Times

Elizabethan Times

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