10 Facts about Elk

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I will show the readers with some interesting Facts about Elk. This animal has the biological name of Cervus Canadensis. People also call it wapiti. It is included in the family Cervidae. Elk takes the record as one of the largest mammals in Eastern Asia and North America. Elk is very different from the moose with its biological name Alces alces. Elk has various kinds of foods to eat. They like eating bark, leaves, plants and grasses. You can find them on the forest edge habitat or in the forest.

Facts about Elk 1: the male elk

The male has to try hard to win the competition during the mating season. The rituals of elk mating include some behaviors such as sparring, posturing, and bugling. The male elks have to do the behaviors to attract the females and show his dominance.

Facts about Elk 2: adaptation

Elk can adapt well in a new habitat. It has been introduced into New Zealand and Argentine. Actually, elk is originated from eastern Asia and North America.

Elk Pic

Elk Pic

Facts about Elk 3: disease

It is important to maintain the health of elk because the infectious diseases can affect the livestock. Vaccination is one of the best ways to prevent the infectious disease.

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Facts about Elk 4: the view toward elk

Some people in Asia think that the meat of an elk has higher level of protein than the chicken or beef. The hunter also try to catch an elk as their game. Some cultures use the velvet and antler of an elk to create traditional medicine.



Facts about Elk 5: the relationship with European red deer

If you think that elk is the subspecies of European red deer, you are wrong. Both are different species according to the DNA genetic studies in 1998.

Facts about Elk 6: the mating period

Rut is a term used to call the mating period of elks. Competition takes place to get the attention from the female elk. Serious injury is common during the competitive mating rituals since the male elks have antler wrestling.

Facts about Elk

Facts about Elk

Facts about Elk 7: the female elk

The gestation period of a female elk lasts for 240 to 260 days. They will deliver the offspring with the average weight of 33 to 35 lb or 15 to 16 kg. When the calf is born, it has spots. By the end of the summer, the spots will disappear.

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Facts about Elk 8: life span

A wild elk can live from 10 to 13 years. However, some of them can live up to 15 if predation is less occurred. If they are raised in captivity, they can live up to 20 years.

Rocky Mountain Bull Elk

Rocky Mountain Bull Elk

Facts about Elk 9: the common predator in North America

The common predator of elks includes cougar, coyote and wolf in North America.

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Facts about Elk 10: the common predator in Asia

Siberian tiger, wolf, Amur Leopard, brown bear, snow leopard and wolf are the common predators in Asia.

Elk Facts

Elk Facts

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