10 Facts about Ellen Adarna

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Facts about Ellen Adarna tell the readers about a Filipino actress and model. Have you ever heard her name before? She was born on 2 April 1988. Her full name is Ellen Meriam Go Adarna. Her father was Spanish, while her mother as a Filipina-Chinese. Do you know that Adarna was from a rich family? Her family has many condominiums, resorts, and hotels. To honor her late grandmother, a Temple was built for her. If you want to know how Adarna began her career, you need to check the detail post below:

Facts about Ellen Adarna 1: the beginning of her career

Adarna started her career as an internet celebrity. She ends up being a model. Since 2013, she has a contract for Star Magic with ABS-CBN.

Facts about Ellen Adarna 2: as a Gravure model

People recognize Ellen Adarna as a gravure model. Due to her popularity as a model, she appears in various magazines. You can see her presence on Women’s Health, Speed, UNO, Preview, Esquire, FHM and Candy.

Ellen Adarna Pic

Ellen Adarna Pic

Facts about Ellen Adarna 3: the debut as an actor

Adarna had her debut as an actress after she appeared in Bubble Gang in 2010. It marked her presence in the acting world. Have you watched Bubble Gang before? It is a gag comedy sketch TV series. She completed her role in the series in 2013. It was popular in the country. There is no need to wonder that it earned Best Gag Television Series.

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Facts about Ellen Adarna 4: the presence in the movie

Adarna had a minor role in Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote (2010). It marked her debut in the film industry.

Ellen Adarna Picture

Ellen Adarna Picture

Facts about Ellen Adarna 5: the next movie

Her next movie was in Captain Barbell. It was released in 2011. She shared screen with Jillian Ward and Richard Gutierrez.

Facts about Ellen Adarna 6: minor roles

In 2011 until 2013, Adarna had a strong presence in the film industry. However, she only earned a minor role. She played as one of the Bombshells in Boy Pick-Up: The Movie (2012). In 2011, she had a cameo role in Tween Academy: Class of 2012. In 2013, she became a cast of Indio. It was an epic drama aired in the prime time. She took the role as a woman who knows the past, present or future named Dalikmata.

Ellen Adarna

Ellen Adarna

Facts about Ellen Adarna 7: the title role

Eventually, Adarna ended up in a title role. She portrayed the character Twinkle in Ang Tag-araw ni Twinkle movie.

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Facts about Ellen Adarna 8: the movie in 2014

Adarna shared screen with Betong Sumaya in the movie entitled Basement. This horror movie was released in 2014. Adarna took the supporting role.

Facts about Ellen Adarna

Facts about Ellen Adarna

Facts about Ellen Adarna 9: Star Magic

In 2013, Adarna was signed by Star Magic, which made her as a Kapamilya star.

Facts about Ellen Adarna 10: the Singing Bee

In 2014, Ellen Adarna was in part of the Singing Bee as a contestant. It was a singing competition. In 2014 until today, she has been seen in ASAP.

Ellen Adarna Facts

Ellen Adarna Facts

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