10 Facts about Elon Musk

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Facts about Elon Musk give the details about the famous business magnate. He is also known as an an investor. Musk has been in the limelight due to his amazing SpaceX and Tesla, Inc. He was born on 28th June 1971. His full name is Elon Reeve Musk. Do you know that the main architect in Tesla Inc is Musk? He holds a number of citizenships from United States, Canada and South Africa. SpaceX was founded by Musk. He also becomes a cofounder of PayPal and Neuralink. In the list of the Most Powerful People in the World in 2016, Musk took the 21st position according to Forbes. Get other impressive facts about Elon Musk below:

Facts about Elon Musk 1: the net worth of Musk

Can you guess the net worth of Musk? He has $19.8 billion as of August 2018. He also takes the title as the 46th richest person in the world according to Forbes List.

Facts about Elon Musk 2: the early life of Musk

The birthplace of Musk was located in Pretoria, South Africa. He also spent his childhood there. He studied at Queen’s University at the age of 17. Two years later, he decided to go to University of Pennsylvania. Wharton School gave him an economics degree. The College of Arts and Sciences awarded him with a degree in Physics.

Musk and Car

Musk and Car

Facts about Elon Musk 3: Stanford University

Musk went to Stanford University to get his Ph.D. degree where he took applied physics and material sciences in 1995. However, he let it go after two days to focus on entrepreneurship.

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Facts about Elon Musk 4: Zip2

Musk was the co-founder of a web software company called Zip2. In 1999, Compaq decided to acquire the company with the worth of $340 million.

Musk and Tesla

Musk and Tesla

Facts about Elon Musk 5: PayPal

Musk established an online bank called X.com. In 2000, the merger between X.com and Confinity took place. Then it was known as PayPal in the following year. In October 2002, eBay purchased it with the worth of $1.5 billion.

Facts about Elon Musk 6: What is SpaceX?

You must have heard about SpaceX. It was founded by Musk in May 2002. He serves as the lead designer and CEO of the company, which focuses on manufacturing the aerospace and space transport service.

Musk Signature

Musk Signature

Facts about Elon Musk 7: Tesla, Inc

Another big venture of Musk is Tesla Inc. The company manufactures the electric vehicle and solar panel. Musk took the role as the product architect and CEO in 2003.

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Facts about Elon Musk 8: Neuralink

Neuralink was co-founded by Musk in July 2016. The company is focusing on neurotechnology.



Facts about Elon Musk 9: The Boring Company

The Boring Company is the other company established by Musk in December 2016. It focuses on constructing tunnels and infrastructure.

Facts about Elon Musk 10: Hyperloop

Hyperloop is another business venture of Musk, which focuses on building the transportation system in high speed.

Facts about Elon Musk

Facts about Elon Musk

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