10 Facts about Eltham

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Facts about Eltham tell us about a district located in the southeast London, England. Have you visited Eltham before? It is located inside the Greenwich, the Royal Borough. From the Charing Cross, Eltham is 14 kilometer east-southeast. In Greater London, Eltham is included as one of the primary centers. The people who live in the three wards of Eltham are 35,459 individuals. They three wards are Eltham South, North and West. You will get interesting facts about Eltham by reading the whole explanation.

Facts about Eltham 1: sport

Cricket is considered as one of the popular sports in Eltham. Three men faced prosecution in 1654 because they played the sport on Sunday.

Facts about Eltham 2: the football club

Cray Valley Paper Mills F.C. is the football club in the district. The stadium of the club is located in Middle Park at Badgers Sports Ground. They have to share the stadium with Greenwich Borough F.C.

Eltham Facts

Eltham Facts

Facts about Eltham 3: an annual charity match

Cray Valley Paper Mills F.C. is a non-league football club from Eltham. The performance of the club can be spotted when they competed against Eltham Old Boys Football Club on the yearly annual match.

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Facts about Eltham 4: the parks in Eltham

If you love fitness and sports, you have to visit Eltham Parks because they contain many facilities, which support both activities. You can play bowling and relax on the pavilion if you visit the Pleasaunce. The six tennis courts and a jogging track are found on the Eltham Park South.

Eltham Houses

Eltham Houses

Facts about Eltham 5: Avery Hill Park

Another park for sport in Eltham is the Avery Hill Park. During the summer season, the cricket pitches will be held here.

Facts about Eltham 6: strategic location

Eltham is located in strategic location due to its sandy and high plateau. It features a palace, which has been used by the Kings and Queens of England.

Eltham Map

Eltham Map

Facts about Eltham 7: the first pub

The first pub in Eltham Park is a Micropub, The Long Pond. In December 2014, the pub was opened for public.

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Facts about Eltham 8: the famous incident

The famous incident, which took place in Eltham, was an IRA bombing in 1990, which made seven people injured. In 1993, Stephen Lawrence was murdered in the area. In 1990s, the Mardi Gra bomber used the area as the primary targets three times.

Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace

Facts about Eltham 9: green space

You will love living in Eltham because it is fresh. The open green space in the district is vast. It is in the form of woodland, fields, and parklands. You can visit the district using a bike for it has cycle routes. The east side features the Avery Hill Park. It is famous with its amazing Winter Garden. You can spot tropical plants and trees collected from various parks of the world.

Facts about Eltham 10: Oxleas Woods, Castle Wood and Jack Wood

If you like scientific investigation on the nature, visit the north of Eltham to reach Oxleas Woods, Castle Wood and Jack Wood.

Facts about Eltham

Facts about Eltham

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