10 Facts about Elvis Presley

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Facts about Elvis Presley elaborate the information about the famous and popular American singer and actor. He was born on 8th January 1935. He passed away on 16th August 1977. His full name was Elvis Aaron Presley. In the 20th century, Elvis was known as a rock and roll icon. People still call him the King of Rock and Roll. The birthplace of Presley was in Tupelo, Mississippi. Then he and his family moved to Memphis Tennessee at the age of 13. Let us find out other interesting facts about Elvis Presley below:

Facts about Elvis Presley 1: the musical career

In 1954, Presley started his musical career. He collaborated with Sam Phillips the producer for his recording at Sun Records. Phillips was interested to show the world the African American music and got more audiences.

Facts about Elvis Presley 2: an icon and pioneer

Presley is always known as an icon and pioneer. During his first recordings, he was with the bassist Bill Black and guitarist Scotty Moore. Presley had his classic quartet complete after D.J. Fontana agreed to join the formation as a drummer in 1955.

Facts about Elvis Presley

Facts about Elvis Presley

Facts about Elvis Presley 3: a contract deal

Presley had his contract deal with RCA Victor. For the next 20 years, he worked with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

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Facts about Elvis Presley 4: the first single of RCA

“Heartbreak Hotel” was the title of Presley’s first single from RCA. In January 1956, it was released in the market. In United States, people were amazed with the single. It took the first place in the music chart.

Elvis Presley Birthplace

Elvis Presley Birthplace

Facts about Elvis Presley 5: popularity and controversy

The professional and personal life of Presley was filled with controversy even though he was very popular among people. His performance style on stage was provocative. However, most of his singles were at the top charts. He was often invited in many network TVs.

Facts about Elvis Presley 6: the film debut

Presley also tried his luck to become an actor. He starred in Love Me Tender as his movie debut.

Elvis Presley Cover

Elvis Presley Cover

Facts about Elvis Presley 7: military service

In 1958, Elvis decided to join the military service and left his glamour life. After he finished the service, he had his career again as a successful singer.

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Facts about Elvis Presley 8: television comeback special

Presley returned to amaze the audience again with his TV special under the title Elvis. His concert was also aired around the world in 1973.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Facts about Elvis Presley 9: death

Presley passed away at age of 42 in 1977 due to the deteriorated health.

Facts about Elvis Presley 10: genres

Though people know him as a king of rock and roll, Presley was also successful in other genres like gospel, blues, and country and pop.

Elvis Presley 1956

Elvis Presley 1956

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