10 Facts about Email

Wednesday, October 24th 2018. | Technology

Let us talk Facts about email. In the modern world, people use email to send messages to others. It is a kind of electronic device. In 1960s, email was used by the people in limited access. Do you know the inventor of email? He was Ray Tomlinson. Have you ever heard about this man? Since the mid-1970s until today, it has been known as email. You need to have access to the internet if you want to send or receive the electronic mail. The operation of email is along the computer networks. The following Facts about Email elaborate the details about electronic mails:

Facts about Email 1: the early operation of email

During its early operation, both recipient and sender of the email should be online at the same time.

Facts about Email 2: the function of email servers

Do you know the function of email servers? They are used to store, deliver, forward and accept the messages.

Facts about Email

Facts about Email

Facts about Email 3: the brief history of email

You can trace back the history of email from the development of ARPANET. In 1973, the publication of the standards to encode the email messages took place. The present day basic email is similar with the look of the early email message.

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Facts about Email 4: the importance of email

The invention of email played an important role in the development of internet. Email was considered as the primary service when ARPANET was transformed into internet in 1980s.



Facts about Email 5: the use of email

The people in the developed countries used the email for their government and non-government messaging devices. The workplace communication was changed due to the invention of email.

Facts about Email 6: email in the workplace

Do you know that 83 percent of the workers who lived in United States believed that email was very important for their productivity and success in the workplace according to the study in 2010?

Email Picture

Email Picture

Facts about Email 7: the important roles of email in businesses

Business also takes benefits from email. It has various functions such as helping synchronization, facilitating logistics, increasing speed, decreasing cost, and creating written record. It will be easier for the workers to exchange information by sending it via email since not all workers in the company are always in the same room or building.

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Facts about Email 8: decrease the cost

You can also decrease the cost of the business by using email. There is no need to send postal mail, which can cost you cash. The telex, telegraphs or even phone calls are not needed.

Email Pic

Email Pic

Facts about Email 9: the speed

Email is more effective and efficient than the postal mail since you can send and receive it instantly as long as you connect the computer or device into the internet. Moreover, you can also get the detail records due to the written message on the email.

Facts about Email 10: email marketing

You can also increase the business using email marketing. When you want to give the prospect the information about the new products or sales, you can send them email. It is fast, easy and cheap.

Email Facts

Email Facts

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