10 Facts about Email Etiquette

Thursday, October 25th 2018. | Technology

Facts about Email Etiquette make you know more about the right ways to send emails to the colleagues in the offices. The awful email manner will make your career decrease since no one likes you. Respect is very important in the professional life. If you feel that you have not conducted the proper etiquette, change yourself by gathering more information about it. The experts give a lot of advices and tips on how to send the proper email to other people whether they are your friends, family or coworkers. Check the following post for more details on facts about email etiquette:

Facts about Email Etiquette 1: the email behavior

The quick email behavior is just bad according to the experts. You click the send button without thinking what you have just written. The quick response is always awaited by the sender. However, it can damage your reputation in the personal and professional world if you write bad response. It will be better if you check what you have just written before you click the send button.

Facts about Email Etiquette 2: introduce yourself

It will be perfect if the email begins with you introducing yourself briefly. Not all people know you in the professional world. Thus, a brief introduction is needed.

Email Etiquette Facts

Email Etiquette Facts

Facts about Email Etiquette 3: the bad news

When you want to give bad news to others, it will be better if you do not do it on email. Email lasts forever since it is written on the platform. When you want to reprimand others, express anger or fire others, do not do it on emails.

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Facts about Email Etiquette 4: exclamation mark

Be careful when using the exclamation mark. It makes you look unprofessional if you apply more than one exclamation mark.

Email Etiquette Image

Email Etiquette Image

Facts about Email Etiquette 5: confidential information

You should be careful when handling the confidential information. It may include the sensitive business deal and tax information of a certain person. It is possible for you to end up in legal trouble if the email gets into the wrong person.

Facts about Email Etiquette 6: response to the email

Responding to the email sent to you can take 20 to 48 hours. There is no need for you to reply the email instantly. However, the nature and urgency of the email should be noted too.

Facts about Email Etiquette

Facts about Email Etiquette

Facts about Email Etiquette 7: “No Reply Necessary”

If you do not anticipate any reply from the receiver, you can write down “No Reply Necessary” on the top of the email.

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Facts about Email Etiquette 8: the informality

The informality on the email should be absent. You should not put any slang, jargon, emoticons or shortcut to the real words.

Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette

Facts about Email Etiquette 9: the clean look

The email should clean. The excessive carets on the email are not good for they make the email look cluttered.

Facts about Email Etiquette 10: clarity on the subject line

The subject line should be written clearly. The receiver should realize the point of your email from reading on the subject line.

Email Etiquette Pic

Email Etiquette Pic

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