10 Facts about Emeralds

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Many types of precious gemstones are available in the world. Most of them are sold in expensive price. They are often used as a part of the jewelry. Facts about Emeralds talk about one of the amazing and popular gemstones. It has green tone due to the presence of chromium and vanadium. It is included as a type of beryl mineral. The hardness of beryl mineral is at 7.5 to 8 according to the Mohs scale. You will know more about the gemstone by reading the whole facts about emerald below:

Facts about Emeralds 1: the grades

The four factors, which define the value of emeralds and other gemstones, are carat weight, cut, clarity, and color. Those are used as the basic parameters for all kinds of gemstones.

Facts about Emeralds 2: the importance of color

Color is considered as the most important factor, which defines the value or emeralds. The second most important factor is the clarity. Both will affect the grade of the emerald.

Emerald Stone

Emerald Stone

Facts about Emeralds 3: the top gemstone

The emerald will be classified as a top gem if it has impressive degree of transparency. The green color should be clear and pure.

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Facts about Emeralds 4: the definition of emerald

The definition of emerald was changed by the American jewelry industries in 1960s. They stated that the green vanadium bearing beryl was included as an emerald gemstone. However, the jewelry industries in Europe and United Kingdom do not accept that gemstone.

Emerald Pic

Emerald Pic

Facts about Emeralds 5: the differences

In United States, the new vanadium typed emeralds and traditional emeralds are recognized emeralds.

Facts about Emeralds 6: the colors of emerald in gemology

The tone, saturation and hue are included as the primary three elements, which determine the color of an emerald. The color of the gemstone is ranging from blue green to yellow green tone. Green is considered as the major color on emerald.

Facts about Emerald

Facts about Emerald

Facts about Emeralds 7: the green beryl

The green beryl is a term used to call the gemstone, which has the lighter green tone. To be considered as an emerald, the gemstone should have the medium to dark green tone.

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Facts about Emeralds 8: the grade of the finest emerald

The finest emerald is characterized with the presence of 75 percent of green tone. It has the 100 percent opaque black and 0 percent colorless.



Facts about Emeralds 9: treatment of emeralds

One of the common treatments for an emerald is by using the cedar oil. People also used Opticon to treat it. Avoid using the green tinted oil for it can damage your emerald.

Facts about Emeralds 10: why do people treat emerald?

People should treat the emerald carefully so that the level of enhancement can be improved.



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