10 Facts about Emiliano Zapata

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Facts about Emiliano Zapata tell the readers about a prominent figure in the Mexican Revolution. He was born on August 8th, 1879 and died on April 10th, 1919. His full name was Emiliano Zapata Salazar. Zapatismo is a term used to call the inspiration of the agrarian movement. The name of the movement was taken from Zapata because he became the primary leader of the peasant revolution in Morelos. The birthplace of Zapata was located in Anenecuilco. It was a village in Morelos State. Let us find out more interesting facts about Emiliano Zapata below:

Facts about Emiliano Zapata 1: the peasant communities

The small landowning class took control on the peasant communities in Zapata’s villages. The agriculture there was focused on producing the sugar cane. The water resources and land were under their monopoly. Porfirio Díaz was the dictator who supported that small class.

Facts about Emiliano Zapata 2: participation

Zapata had his participation to rebel again small landowning class and Diaz. During the peasant revolution, he took the major role as the primary leader on the breakout of the revolution in 1910.



Facts about Emiliano Zapata 3: the Liberation Army of the South

Liberation Army of the South was established by Zapata along with some peasant leaders. Then he was selected as the leader of the organization.

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Facts about Emiliano Zapata 4: the fall of Diaz

Zapata played an important role to make Diaz leave his position as a dictator. During the Battle of Cuautla, the Federal Army had to lose against the force of Zapata. However, they were called bandits by Francisco I. Madero when he served as the president. Madero was known as a revolutionary leader.

Zapata Facts

Zapata Facts

Facts about Emiliano Zapata 5: Plan de Ayala

Plan de Ayala was promulgated by Zapata in November 1911. It contains the land reforms. He created the reformation on how to redistribute the land to the peasants since the land had been monopolized by the small class of people.

Facts about Emiliano Zapata 6: The role of the Federal Army

The Federal Army was under Madero. He ordered the army to eradicate the Zataptistas in Morelos. The people who lived in Morelos were removed since the villages were burned. The men were sent to southern Mexico for labor camps.

Emiliano Zapata

Emiliano Zapata

Facts about Emiliano Zapata 7: death

In April 191, Zapata passed away during an ambush. The agrarian demands made by Zapata were responded in Article 27 of the 1917 Mexican Constitution.

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Facts about Emiliano Zapata 8: the influence of Zapata

Zapata remains one of the important figures until this present day. The people in southern Mexico still adore him due to his revolutionary action.

Emiliano Zapata Signature

Emiliano Zapata Signature

Facts about Emiliano Zapata 9: a martyr

Zapata takes the role as a martyr after he was killed.

Facts about Emiliano Zapata 10: portray

The portrayal about Zapata and his men are still in the state of controversies.

Emiliano Zapata Facts

Emiliano Zapata Facts

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