10 Facts about Samoa

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Facts about Samoa talk about the independent state of Samoa. In the past, this country is called as a Western Samoa. The location of this island is at the west part of the Samoan Islands in South Pacific Ocean. Samoa is included as an Oceania country. Here are the interesting facts about Samoa:

Facts about Samoa 1: the independence

American Samoa got their independence from New Zealand in 1962. The capital city is Apia. Upolu and Savai’i are the two main islands of Samoa. If you want to visit one of the biggest islands, you have to go to Polynesia.

Facts about Samoa 2: the island of Upolu

If you decide to visit Samoa, you can go to the island of Upolu. It is the home to the famous Faleolo International Airport.

Samoa Beaches

Samoa Beaches

Facts about Samoa 3: United Nations

Samoa became the member of United Nations on 15 December 1976.

Facts about Samoa 4: the seafaring skills of the Samoans

The seafaring skills of the Samoans were very famous in the world. Therefore, the European explorers called the entire islands including the American Samoa as the Navigator Islands before 20th century.

Samoa Facts

Samoa Facts

Facts about Samoa 5: the language

The people in Samoa speak Samoan language or Gagana Fa’asamoa for the everyday communication.

Facts about Samoa 6: the staple products

Can you mention the staples products from American Samoa? They include cocoa bean, copra and bananas. The cocoa bean is used to create chocolate, while copra is a dried coconut meat.

Samoa Pic

Samoa Pic

Facts about Samoa 7: the production of banana and copra

It is estimated that the country can generate the copra and banana around 13,000 to 15,000 metric tons.

Facts about Samoa 8: the Samoan cocoa beans

The Samoan cocoa beans come with the best quality one. There is no need to wonder that they are used to create the delicious New Zealand chocolates.

Samoa Pictures

Samoa Pictures

Facts about Samoa 9: the population

More than 92.6 percent of the people living in the island are the Samoans. The European people only occupy 0.4 percent, while 7 percent is the Euroneasians. Find out another country in Algeria facts.

Facts about Samoa 10: unique tattoos

The Samoans just like other Polynesian people like Maori, Tahitian and Hawaii have unique tattoos. The tattoos for men and women in Samoan culture are different.

Facts about Samoa

Facts about Samoa

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