10 Facts about Sergio Aguero

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Facts about Sergio Aguero talk about the famous Argentina professional footballer.  He was born on 2 June 1988.   He is the striker in Argentina National team and Manchester City. Let’s find out his magnificent journey as a footballer and his personal life by reading the following post below:

Facts about Sergio Aguero 1: the younger players

When Aguero was 15 years old and 35 days, he was appointed to debut in Argentine Primera Vision. Due to his young age, he was called as the younger player to debut on 5 July 2003.  His record broke the record of the legend Diego Maradona in 1976.

Facts about Sergio Aguero 2: the shirt name

Aguero’s real name is Sergio Aguero.  But he chooses different shirt name of Kun Aguero.

sergio aguero facts

sergio aguero facts

Facts about Sergio Aguero 3: FIFA U-20 World Cup

FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2005 and 2007 made him famous because the team was the winner of both tournaments.

Facts about Sergio Aguero 4: a gold medal

The Argentine team won a gold medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics. At that time, Argentine was against Brazil. This country won with the last score 3-0. There were two goals created by Aguero.

sergio aguero pictures

sergio aguero pictures

Facts about Sergio Aguero 5: representative

The people in Argentina still believe him. Therefore, he is still selected as the representative in the international events such as 2011 Copa America, 2010 FIFA World Cup and 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Facts about Sergio Aguero 6: moving to Europe

It seems that the popularity of Aguero increased from time to time. He decided to move to Europe in 2006. He got €23 million from Independiente to play in La Liga side Atletico Madrid.

sergio aguero puma

sergio aguero puma

Facts about Sergio Aguero 7: a center of attention

Aguero became the center of attention in Europe after he scored 101 goals in 234 total appearances. His team won UEFA Super Cup in 2010 and UEFA Europe League. If you want to know another sport event, check out facts about AFL here.

Facts about Sergio Aguero 8: Manchester City

In July 2011, Aguero decided to move to Manchester City. The fee remained undisclosed till today. Many people estimated that he got £35 million.

sergio aguero

sergio aguero

Facts about Sergio Aguero 9: the first league title for Manchester City

For 44 years, finally Manchester City owned the first league title after Aguero scored the goal. The match was against Queen’s Park Rangers.

Facts about Sergio Aguero 10: voting

Sergio Aguero was selected by the fans as the Manchester City’s player of the year in 2012.

Facts about sergio aguero

Facts about sergio aguero

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