8 Facts about Abraham and Sarah

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Facts about Abraham and Sarah give the detail information about the life of Abraham and his wife, Sarah.  Sarah is described in the Quran, Bible, and Hebrew as the mother of Isaac and the wife of Abraham. Find out more facts about their life in the post below:

Facts about Abraham and Sarah 1: the original name of Sarah

Actually Sarah is not her original name. She was called Sarai. Her name was changed by God into Sarah after the second wife of Abraham, Hagar gave birth Ishmael, the first son of Abraham. This story is based on Genesis 17:15

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Facts about Abraham and Sarah 2: the meaning of her name

Let’s find out the meaning of her name. It can be translated into noblewoman or princess based on the Hebrew.  The name gives indication that she is a woman with high rank.  The word Sarai means My princess.

Abraham and Sarah Facts

Abraham and Sarah Facts

Facts about Abraham and Sarah 3: who is Sarah?

Sarah is the first wife of Abraham.  But actually she was the half sister of Abraham. Abraham and Sarah were the children of Terah.  Abraham was 10 years older than his half sister, Sarah.

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Facts about Abraham and Sarah 4: beauty

Talking about her beauty, Abraham was afraid with her beauty. He had a fear that if Sarah was near an important ruler, she would be given to another man.  Another reason for her fear is that Sarah was his half sister. Therefore, Abraham wanted others to treat her well. Check out facts about Abraham here.

Abraham and Sarah Images

Abraham and Sarah Images

Facts about Abraham and Sarah 5: promise from God

After many years of marriage, Sarah was barren. She could not bear any child for her husband. But God promised her to give her a son.

Facts about Abraham and Sarah 6: death of Terah

Terah was the father of Abraham and Sarah. Their father died when they came to a place named Haran. His father died at the age of 205 years old.

Abraham and Sarah Pictures

Abraham and Sarah Pictures

Facts about Abraham and Sarah 7: after the death of his father

After the death of his father, Abraham was ordered by God to leave his original country and moved to another land. God promised him that he would bless him if he lived in the new land and left the house of his father. Abraham decided to move to Shechem in Canaan at the age of 75 years old. He traveled along his nephew Lot and his wife Sarai.

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Facts about Abraham and Sarah 8: famine

When they lived in the Land of Canaan, the famine struck the land and made them traveled to Egypt. Abraham asked his wife to identify him as his brother so that the Egyptians would never kill him or take her.

Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah

Facts about Abraham and Sarah

Facts about Abraham and Sarah

Sarah passed away when she was 127 years old. She was buried at Cave of Machpelah or Cave of the Patriarchs. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Abraham and Sarah?

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