8 Facts about Abstract Art

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Facts about Abstract Art talk about the movement which took place in United States. If you check out the abstract art, you will see no image. It is only filled with colors, shapes and lines if the abstract art is derived from the purest form. Even though it is only filled with colors, shapes and lines without any subjects, it can present various kinds of emotions. You can also call abstract art movement as the abstract expressionism. Check out more facts about abstract art in the following post below:

Facts about Abstract Art 1: timeline

The abstract art movement started in 1940s in New York City. It was flourished in the country after the World War II ended. If you want to know the real artworks of abstract movement, you have to check out the works of some abstract expressionist artists in 1900s. You can check out the work of Kandinsky.

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Facts about Abstract Art 2: the main characteristics of an abstract art

Let’s find out the characteristics of an abstract art. It is mainly described with shapes, lines and colors.  The abstract artists can depict the emotion without any subject. There is no need to use any image since they can define the emotion with shapes and colors.

Abstract Art and COlors

Abstract Art and Colors

Facts about Abstract Art 3: random paintings

If you check out the abstract paintings, you can find randomness used to present emotion.  The canvas can capture the emotion through the randomness.

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Facts about Abstract Art 4: Piet Mondrian

One of the famous abstract paintings is Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow by Piet Mondrian.  In the painting, you can find red, blue and yellow as the primary colors. He also uses the white spaces and straight black lines.

Abstract Art Images

Abstract Art Images

Facts about Abstract Art 5: Mark Rothko

One of the famous abstract artists is Mark Rothko. His prominent work is White Center: Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose. When Rothko was asked about the meaning of this painting, he remains silent and let the viewers have their own interpretation. In 2007, the painting was sold in the price at $72 million.

Facts about Abstract Art 6: Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock is one of the prominent artists who chose unique painting style.  In 2006, his painting No 5 1948 was sold in the price at $140 million. You can find interesting texture with yellow and brown colors.

Abstract Art Pictures

Abstract Art Pictures

Facts about Abstract Art 7: Franz Kline

Franz Kline is famous as an action painter. He likes using black and white on his painting.

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Facts about Abstract Art 8: Willem de Kooning

Willem de Kooning is famous with his painting Woman III. It was sold in the hefty price at $137 million. He was a part of the New York City Abstract expressionist movement even though he was a Dutch artist.

Abstract Art

Abstract Art

Facts about Abstract Art

Facts about Abstract Art

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