8 Facts about Acupuncture

Sunday, November 16th 2014. | Health

If you want to know the traditional method of treating the disease, you have to check out Facts about Acupuncture. This treatment is famous around the world. Many people still opt for the traditional method for it is simple and effective. If you are interested to know more acupuncture facts, let’s see the following post below:

Facts about Acupuncture 1: needles

The usage of needle is the main characteristics of this treatment. The diameter of the needles can be compared with the thickness of two human hairs.   You find no case of contamination and infection because the needles used in acupuncture are sterile, pre packaged and disposable.

Facts about Acupuncture 2: preventive medical procedure

When people want to maintain the health and prevent the occurrence of disease, they can have acupuncture.

Acupuncture  Chinese

Acupuncture Chinese

Facts about Acupuncture 3: the benefits of acupuncture and its fame

Acupuncture in China gained a lot of attention from the world after in 1972 President Nixon visited the country with an accompanying reporter. This reporter experienced wonderful relief after he had acupuncture. When he returned to United States, he wrote the benefits of acupuncture.

Facts about Acupuncture 4: acupuncture as a part of the world

Acupuncture is not only popular in China, but also in many parts of the countries in the world. Do you know there are at least 2 dozens conditions that can be treated by acupuncture? WHO has endorsed this procedure. Acupuncture has been proposed as a therapeutic intervention too by US National Institutes of Health.

Acupuncture Pictures

Acupuncture Pictures

Facts about Acupuncture 5: process

This ancient Chinese medical treatment is conducted by putting the fine needles in the body. They will be placed in some specific points. You can call them the acupoints which can relieve different kinds of mental and physical ailments.

Facts about Acupuncture 6: the war

Let’s talk about the brief history of the acupuncture’s origin.  The legend states that acupuncture began when an arrow stroke the body of the Chinese warriors. They felt that it could relieve the chronic pain.



Facts about Acupuncture 7: acupoints

How many acupoints that human being has in the body? The science of acupuncture states that they are at least 1000 till 2000 identified acupoints on the body. However, the therapists usually use 8 till 18 acupoints to heal the pain. Those who have a lot of acne  can reduce it using acupuncture. Get facts about acne here.

Facts about Acupuncture 8: two theories

There are two theories on how acupuncture works. The first one tells us that it can relieve the pain because the needles can send impulses faster compared to the pain impulses. The second theory states that it can release endorphin which makes the pain disappear.

Facts about Acupuncture

Facts about Acupuncture

If you want to have acupuncture, ensure that you can go to the professional therapist. Do you want to comment on facts about acupuncture?

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