8 Facts about Aeolus

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Facts about Aeolus tell you about the ruler of the wind in Greek Mythology. The name Aeolus is very popular since it was used by three mythical characters. It is not easy for us to tell Aeolus in different ways. Fortunately, Diodorus Siculus tried to define each character with the name Aeolus. Check out the interesting facts below for more information:

Facts about Aeolus 1: opinion of Diodorus Siculus

Diodorus Siculus tells us that the first Aeolus was the son of the founder of Aeolian race and Helen. The second Aeolus was the leader of a colony in islands in Tyrrhenian Sea. He was Poseidon’s son. The last Aeolus was famous as the Keeper of the Winds. You can find his name mentioned in Odyssey book 10. The second and the third ones were in doubt.

Facts about Aeolus 2: the son of Helen

If we talk about Aeolus, the son of Helen, you can call him as the ruler of Aeolia. Then he wedded the daughter of Deimachus, Enarete.

Aeolus facts

Aeolus facts

Facts about Aeolus 3: the number of children

It is not easy to define the exact number of Aeolus and Enarete’s children.    Each author has different version when mentioning the number of children.   One thing for sure, both had a lot of children. Find out another mythological character in Achilles facts.

Facts about Aeolus 4: the four sons of Aeolus

The ancient stories often tell us about the famous four sons of Aeolus.  Those were Salmoeus, Cretheus, Athamas, and Sisyphus. Each of them was the representative of Aeolic race branch.

Aeolus Pictures

Aeolus Pictures

Facts about Aeolus 5: an illegitimate daughter

Arne was the illegitimate daughter of Aeolus. Do you know that this illegitimate daughter had a son with Poseidon and she named it Aeolus?

Facts about Aeolus 6: the second Aeolus

The second Aeolus was the son of Arne and Poseidon. Boetous was his twin brother. Arne told his father, the first Aeolus that she had a child with Poseidon, but his father did not believe her. Arne was given to a King of Icaria named Metapontus.



Facts about Aeolus 7: the life of Arne and his children

Aeolus and Boetous were raised the King of Icaria. But the relationship between Arne and the wife of Metapontus was not good. Both often confronted each other. It made Aeolus and Boetous kill the stepmother and went away from Icaria.

Facts about Aeolus 8: escape

After killing their stepmother, Arne and Boetous went to southern Thessaly. They established Boeotia. Aeolus went to the island in TyrrhenianSea and named it Aeolian Islands.

facts about Aeolus

facts about Aeolus

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