8 Facts about Ancient Sumer

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Facts about Ancient Sumer tell you about the first human who created the first ancient civilization in the world. They lived in an area located between Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Middle East. It was in southern Mesopotamia. Find out more ideas about ancient Sumer by reading the whole post below:

Facts about Ancient Sumer 1: the establishment

The towns and cities of Sumer were established in 5000 BC. The town was formed after the nomads decided to settle in the fertile land. They established small villages which grew up into towns and cities.

Facts about Ancient Sumer 2: the cities and civilization

After the town developed into cities, the civilization of Sumer was formed. There is no need to wonder that the Sumer in Mesopotamia was called as the birthplace of the civilization in the world. Get facts about ancient Mesopotamia here.

Ancient Sumer Facts

Ancient Sumer Facts

Facts about Ancient Sumer 3: a city government

The city government was established to control and order the city states in Sumer. The city was protected with huge walls.  Each city state in Sumer was often against each other. When the invaders came, they would enter the city. However, the farmland was located outside the walls.

Facts about Ancient Sumer 4: the city states

There were many powerful city states in the ancient Sumer. Those included Ur, Eridu, Uruk, Sippar, Shuruppak and Bad-tibura.  One of the oldest cities in the world was Eridu.

Ancient Sumer Life

Ancient Sumer Life

Facts about Ancient Sumer 5: the ruler

The title for the ruler was various depending on the city state. You should know the each city state in ancient Sumer had their own ruler.  They often called as en, lugal or ensi. The role of the ruler was just like a governor or a king.

Facts about Ancient Sumer 6: the power

The highest power in the city state was taken by the ruler. In some cases, the high priest was considered as the ruler in the city state.

Ancient Sumer Pic

Ancient Sumer Pic

Facts about Ancient Sumer 7: Gilgamesh of Uruk

Gilgamesh of Uruk is considered as the famous king in ancient Sumer. He was the main subject in one of the oldest surviving works of literature with the title Epic of Gilgamesh.

Facts about Ancient Sumer 8: the god

A ziggurat was the large temple built in the center of the city.  The shape of Ziggurat reminds you with the shape of pyramids in Egypt, but it had a flat top.  The ritual and sacrifice will be held by the priest in ziggurat. There is an interesting idea about the ziggurat located at Eridu city. Many historians believe that it was the Tower of Babel.

Ancient Sumer Ruins

Ancient Sumer Ruins

facts about  Ancient Sumer

facts about Ancient Sumer

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