8 Facts about Animal Shelters

Friday, February 20th 2015. | Animals

Let me show you the miserable Facts about Animal Shelters if you want to know the life of the animals.  They are often neglected by human beings. They wander around and no one seems to care about their life. You can see a dog walking on the street and tries to find something to eat. They need shelters to keep the body from the cold weather, rain or even snow. Here are some interesting animal shelter facts for you:

Facts about Animal Shelters 1: the dogs and cats

Dogs and cats are the animals which are likely to end up in an animal shelter. It is estimated that 1 of 20 dogs and cats end up in the shelter by the end of the year. You have to know that United States is the home of more than 164 million cats and dogs. Can you imagine the number of the dogs and cats which will end up in the shelter?

Facts about Animal Shelters 2: the animals living in the shelters

The animals such as cats and dogs live in the animals shelters because they are unwanted, abandoned and strayed by the owners. The report states that the animal shelters hold at least 8 million abandoned animals.

Animal Shelter Dog

Animal Shelter Dog

Facts about Animal Shelters 3: euthanized

The euthanized process for animals is still on debate. People think that it is a controversial issue. But do you know that 5 of 10 dogs live in an animal shelter end up in euthanized process? Check out facts about animal cruelty here.

Facts about Animal Shelters 4: returning to the owners

The percentages of the dogs which live in the shelter and return to the owners are only 15 till 20 percent from the whole cases.

Animal Shelter Facts

Animal Shelter Facts

Facts about Animal Shelters 5: adoptions

Some people who want to have pets at home adopt the animals from the shelters. The report states that 20 till 30 percent of pet dogs and cats are from the animal rescues or shelters. Get facts about animal hoarding here.

Facts about Animal Shelters 6: having a dog at home

Having a dog at home is not easy. It can be very expensive since you have to spend around $600 till $900.  But if you are a dog lover, this money should not be counted.

Animal Shelter Pic

Animal Shelter Pic

Facts about Animal Shelters 7: the reason why the dogs are relinquish to animals shelters

The top reason on why the owners send their dogs to the animal shelter because they are moving. The second reason is because of the landlord issue. That’s the report based on the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy.

Facts about Animal Shelters 8: spaying and neutering

The rate of having of the animals in shelters neutered and spayed is less than 10 percent.

facts about Animal Shelters

facts about Animal Shelters

Are you satisfied with facts about animal shelters?

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