8 Facts about Asian Culture

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Facts about Asian Culture tell you about the life of the people in Asia. Have you visited the countries in Asia like Japan, Russia, China, South Korea, Indonesia, or even India? Each of them has unique culture language, cuisine, custom and tradition. You will love to visit the countries in the Asia since it is a home to various interesting animals such as Bactrian camel, giant panda, tiger, Asian elephant, king cobra and Komodo dragon. Let’s find out more facts about the culture in Asia below:

Facts about Asian Culture 1: the population

The two largest countries in Asia by population are China and India. India is inhabited by 1.2 billion people, while China takes the first place with 1.3 billion people. Do you know that United States badged as the third most populous country only has 300 million people?

Facts about Asian Culture 2: East Asia

The countries in East Asia share the similar religions, social philosophy, history and political structures. They include North Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea and North Korea. The most dominant country in East Asia is China.

Facts about  Asian Culture

Facts about Asian Culture

Facts about Asian Culture 3: the culture of Japan and China

In Japan and China, the educational level of a person was not seen from the diction but from the quality of the calligraphy in the past.

Facts about Asian Culture 4: the Chinese influences to other countries

The influences of China to other countries can be seen from the spread of the Chinese characters, Buddhism and Confucianism.

Asian Culture

Asian Culture

Facts about Asian Culture 5: the religions in India

The major religions in the world were originated from India like Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. More than 80 percent of the people in India are Hindus. The people in Bhutan and Sri Lanka are mostly Buddhist.  The people in Pakistan mostly embrace Islam. Get Asia facts here.

Facts about Asian Culture 6: the architecture

If you visit Asia, you will be amazed with the unique architecture. One of the most iconic structures in Asia is Angkor Wat. It is located in Cambodia. Find out facts about Angkor Wat here.

Asian Culture Indian

Asian Culture Indian

Facts about Asian Culture 7: Taj Mahal

Another interesting building in Asia is Taj Mahal. It is located in Agra, India. The structure is completely built from marble.

Facts about Asian Culture 8: other interesting buildings

Other interesting buildings or structures that you can visit in Asia include the Great Wall of China, Candi Borobudur in Indonesia, The forbidden Kingdom in China, Red Fort in India, and many more. If you visit Middle East, you can see the fabulous Islamic Mosques here.

Asian Culture Facts

Asian Culture Facts


Asian Culture Cambodian

Asian Culture Cambodian

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