8 Facts about Athlete’s Foot

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Facts about Athlete’s Foot talk about the contagious skin disease.  The scientists call it tinea pedis.  When you have athlete’s foot, you can feel that the feet are flaking, itching, and scaling. Sometimes you can find blistering and inflammation on them. Based on the recent data, this condition affects 15 percent of the global population in the world. Check more facts about athlete’s foot below:

Facts about Athlete’s Foot 1: what causes athlete’s foot?

Let’s find out the cause of athlete’s foot?  There are several types of fungi which cause this horrible condition on the feet such as Trichophyton tonsurans, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton, and Epidermophyton floccosum. The athlete’s foot on children is mostly caused by T. tonsurans.

Facts about Athlete’s Foot 2: barefoot

The fungi can infect the foot of the people when they walk barefoot in the moist or wet area.  It is more likely that the fungi infect the skin when you walk in the locker room, swimming pools, or muddy fields.

Athlete's Foot Causes

Athlete’s Foot Causes

Facts about Athlete’s Foot 3: the infection

Besides walking barefoot, the risk of having the athlete foot infection is also higher when you share towels with the infected people.   You can also infect the foot when you touch the infected finger of the athlete’s foot patients.

Facts about Athlete’s Foot 4: the infected area

The athlete’s foot can spread to other areas of the skin. It can be trapped inside the toe nails. Check Asthma facts here.

Athlete's Foot Facts

Athlete’s Foot Facts

Facts about Athlete’s Foot 5: who to present the contamination

If you want to prevent the contamination of your feet with the fungi, you have to make sure that the feet are dry all of the time. Moreover, you have to limit the usage of closed shoes. When you are in the wet or muddy area, ensure that you wear slippers. Don’t go with barefoot.

Facts about Athlete’s Foot 6: the treatment

How do you treat the athlete’s foot?  The treatment should be applied to eliminate the whole infection on the skin. You are fully healed if the fungi die.

Facts about Athlete's Foot

Facts about Athlete’s Foot

Facts about Athlete’s Foot 7: the medication

There are many types of medications that you can try at home to cure the athlete’s foot. You can go to the drug store and get the over the counter cream, powder, sprays or ointments to kill the fungi. If the fungi are very hard to eliminate, you can ask prescription and oral medication from the doctors. Get facts about atherosclerosis here.

Facts about Athlete’s Foot 8: the categories of athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot has four categories. Those are the vesiculobullous athlete’s foot, acute ulcerative tinea pedis, planta athlete’s foot, and chronic interdigital athlete’s foot.




Athletes Foot

Athletes Foot

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