8 Facts about Baker’s Yeast

Sunday, May 3rd 2015. | Culinary

Let me show you one of the important ingredients that you have to use to create bakery in Facts about Baker’s Yeast. The baker’s yeast is not a new thing to learn. It is used in many bread and bakery products. The main function of the baker’s yeast on the dough is to change the fermentable sugar into ethanol and carbon dioxide. This leavening agent is included in the species of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is different from the brewer yeast used by the people to create alcohol.  Get more facts about baker’s yeast below:

Facts about Baker’s Yeast 1: human body

Do you know that baker’s yeast is also found around the human body in the form of a single-cell microorganism?

Facts about Baker’s Yeast 2: the growth of years

The growth of baker’s yeast is increased if you use sugar in the bread dough, water from the potato boiling or even the boiled and steamed potatoes.

Facts about Baker's Yeast

Facts about Baker’s Yeast

Facts about Baker’s Yeast 3: sugar and salt

If you use too much sugar in the dough, it can dehydrate the baker’s yeast. Therefore, the amount of sugar should be perfectly measured.

Facts about Baker’s Yeast 4: the decreased of the baker’s yeast

The growth of baker’s yeast will be decreased if you also use too much salt, eggs, and butter. However, fat is still presented in the dough. It is not unclear on why people use fat in the dough. People believe that by using fat, it can increase the volume of the baked bread. Get facts about baguettes here.

Baker's Yeast Types

Baker’s Yeast Types

Facts about Baker’s Yeast 5: the wild yeast

The wild yeast like S minor/ Saccharomyces exiguous can be found in wild life such as grains, plants and fruits. It is considered as the common type of yeast during the baking process.

Facts about Baker’s Yeast 6: the first usage of yeast

The first record of baker’s yeast usage was traced back in the ancient Egyptian era. It was used to bake the bread.

Baker's Yeast Pic

Baker’s Yeast Pic

Facts about Baker’s Yeast 7: the presence of yeast

The presence of yeast in the dough is very important to create the tastier and lighter bakery or bread.  Therefore, people mix the flour meal and water and leave it longer to make the yeast grow. Before the baking process, the fermentation in the dough occurs.

Facts about Baker’s Yeast 8: the bread bakers in 19th century

The beer brewers contain a lot of lo yeast. Thus, the bread baker using the yeast from the beer to create their bakery products in 19th century. It made the bread sweet. Get facts about baking soda here.

Baker's Yeast and Bread

Baker’s Yeast and Bread


Baker's Yeast Facts

Baker’s Yeast Facts

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