8 Facts about Beatriz Milhazes

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Facts about Beatriz Milhazes inform you with the female artist who incorporates the western modernist painting with Brazilian cultural imagery. This Brazilian artist was born in Rio de Janeiro. She was the daughter of an art historian and a lawyer. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Beatriz Milhazes below:

Facts about Beatriz Milhazes 1: education

Let’s find out the education of Beatriz Milhazes. In 1978 till 1981, she was enrolled at FACHA or Faculdades Integradas Hélio Alonso in Rio de Janeiro.  In 1980s till 1982, she attended School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage.

Facts about Beatriz Milhazes 2: the major exhibition

One of her major exhibitions was in Paris at Foundation Cartier pour l’art contemporain. It was held from 4th to 21st July 2009.

Facts about  Beatriz Milhazes

Facts about Beatriz Milhazes

Facts about Beatriz Milhazes 3: the type of exhibition

The type of exhibitions that Milhazes has includes the group and solo exhibition. You can find her works exhibited in Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and Museum of Modern Art.

Facts about Beatriz Milhazes 4: the permanent collections

If you are interested to find out the permanent collections of Milhazes’ paintings, you can go to various museums such as Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the Banco Itaú, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art. You can also find out that her works are represented by James Cohan Gallery in New York and Stephen Friedman Gallery in London.

Beatriz Milhazes

Beatriz Milhazes

Facts about Beatriz Milhazes 5:the studio

The base of her studio is located in Rio de Janeiro. Even though it is only a small studio, Milhazes had worked there since 1987.

Facts about Beatriz Milhazes 6: the type of materials

There are various kinds of materials that Milhazes uses to create pieces of art. She uses paint, holographic paper, colorful paper, candy bar wrappers and many more. If you check her works, most of them are made in collages. She is called as one of the famous modernist artists from Brazil. Get facts about Bayeux Tapestry here.

Beatriz Milhazes Picture

Beatriz Milhazes Picture

Facts about Beatriz Milhazes 7: the characteristics of her works

Milhazes’ works have psychedelic, free and playful characters.  You can find a lot of circular shapes in her works. Moreover, they are organized, rhythm and bold. She focuses on the pressure of life and takes the inspiration from the surrounding elements and beauty.

Facts about Beatriz Milhazes 8: Albert Elkhout

Albert Elkhout is her inspiration. He was a Dutch artist in 17th century who inspired her a lot. This man had travelled to Brazil. Get facts about Bauhaus here.

Beatriz Milhazes Pic

Beatriz Milhazes Pic


Beatriz Milhazes Facts

Beatriz Milhazes Facts

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