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10 Facts about Carl Sagan

Check the useful information about the famous American author, astronomer, cosmologist, science popularizer, science communicator, and astrophysicist in Facts

October 21st 2015 | Astronomy

10 Facts about Capricornus

Facts about Capricornus talk about the zodiac constellation. The name of the constellation is taken from the Latin language.

October 12th 2015 | Astronomy

10 Facts about Astronomy

Facts about Astronomy talk about the study of the celestial objects which include asteroids, nebulae, comet, galaxies, planets, sun,

April 10th 2015 | Astronomy

8 Facts about Asteroids

Facts about Asteroids tell you about the small solar system which orbits the sun.  The scientists find out that

April 9th 2015 | Astronomy
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