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10 Facts about Beatrix Potter

Facts about Beatrix Potter tell you about the English natural scientist, illustrator, author and conservationist. She was born on

June 3rd 2015 | Authors

10 Facts about Barbara Smucker

Facts about Barbara Smucker present the interesting information about the famous librarian and fiction writer for children. This woman

May 13th 2015 | Authors

10 Facts about Anton Chekhov

Facts about Anton Chekhov present the information about the Russian dramaturge, physician and author. Do you know that Chekhov

March 6th 2015 | Authors

10 Facts about Anh Do

Let me show you the Vietnamese born Australian actor, comedian and author in Facts about Anh Do. Anh Do

February 25th 2015 | Authors

10 Facts about Anne Fine

The famous British writer who loved to produce children and adult book is explained in Facts about Anne Fine. 

February 23rd 2015 | Authors
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