10 Facts about Eevee

Facts about Eevee present the ideas about a Pokémon species. It is spelled Eievui in Japan. Ken Sugimori was

July 27th 2017 | Characters

10 Facts about Dracula

Facts about Dracula talk about the primary antagonist character in a Gothic horror novel with the same name. Bram

November 19th 2016 | Characters

10 Facts about Doraemon

Facts about Doraemon talk about a notable Japanese manga series. This character is famous around the world. The media

October 25th 2016 | Characters

10 Facts about Dora

A notable American educational animated TV series is explained on Facts about Dora.  The full title of the series

October 25th 2016 | Characters

10 Facts about Ditto

Facts about Ditto present the readers with the information about a normal-type Pokémon. The Japanese name for Ditto is

September 22nd 2016 | Characters

10 Facts about Chica

Facts about Chica tell you about the interesting characters in the famous animated TV series in America, The Chica

November 30th 2015 | Characters
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