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10 Facts about Austria

Facts about Austria tell you about one of the interesting countries in the world. Even though this country is

April 21st 2015 | Countries

10 Facts about Aruba

Facts about Aruba tell you about an island located in the southern Caribbean Sea. It is 18 miles north

April 2nd 2015 | Countries

10 Facts about Armenia

Facts about Armenia tell you about the mountainous country located in the South Caucasus region in Eurasia. The official

March 26th 2015 | Countries

10 Facts about Anguilla

Facts about Anguilla tell you about the British overseas territory in Caribbean.  This territory can be seen on the

February 14th 2015 | Countries

10 Facts about Angola

Facts about Angola talk about a country located in the Southern Africa. The capital city of Angola is Luanda.

February 13th 2015 | Countries

10 Facts about Andorra

Facts about Andorra tell you about the country which is famous with its tourism industry.  The country is officially

January 30th 2015 | Countries

10 Facts about Samoa

Facts about Samoa talk about the independent state of Samoa. In the past, this country is called as a

January 13th 2015 | Countries

10 Facts about Algeria

Facts about Algeria elaborate the ideas about the famous country in North Africa. People call this country with the

December 24th 2014 | Countries

10 Facts about Albania

Facts about Albania tell you the Republic of Albania.  This country is located in Southeastern of Europe. Albania is

December 10th 2014 | Countries
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