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8 Facts about Avicii

If you want to know the Swedish premier and EDM DJ, you have to check Facts about Avicii. This

April 24th 2015 | Music

10 Facts about Arnold Schoenberg

Facts about Arnold Schoenberg give the interesting information about the Austrian painter and composer. Do you know that Schoenberg

March 28th 2015 | Music

7 Facts about Anthems

Let me show you the interesting national anthems in the world by reading Facts about Anthems.  The musical style

March 2nd 2015 | Music

8 Facts about Andrew Biersack

Facts about Andrew Biersack tell you about the American singer, songwriter, musician and pianist. He was born in Cincinnati,

February 3rd 2015 | Music

10 Facts about Amy Lee

Facts about Amy Lee talk about the lead singer of Evanescence. She has a silky and beautiful voice. She

January 17th 2015 | Music

10 Facts about Amy Beach

Facts about Amy Beach talk about one of the leading composers in New England School. She was called as

January 16th 2015 | Music
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