10 Facts about Elves

Facts about Elves make you know more about a supernatural being in the shape of human. The elf is

October 23rd 2018 | Mythology

10 Facts about Dragons

Facts about Dragons tell you about a legendary creature. It features the avian, reptilian and serpentine traits. There are

November 22nd 2016 | Mythology

10 Facts about Dionysus

Find out the valuable information about the god associated with fertility, ritual of madness, winemaking, grape harvest, religious ecstasy,

September 9th 2016 | Mythology

10 Facts about Cyclops

One of the unique mythological creatures in ancient Greece is explained on Facts about Cyclops. Actually it was recognized

May 24th 2016 | Mythology

10 Facts about Cupid

If you are always curious with classical mythology, read the entire post on Facts about Cupid. In Latin, Cupid

May 18th 2016 | Mythology

10 Facts about Cronus

Let’s find out the interesting information about Greek mythology by reading Facts about Cronus.   He is also called as

May 3rd 2016 | Mythology

10 Facts about Cerberus

Facts about Cerberus tell you about the monstrous multi-headed dogs. Cerberus is very famous in Greek mythology. The dead

November 14th 2015 | Mythology

10 Facts about Centaurs

If you are curious to know the mythological creature, check Facts about Centaurs.  The depiction of this creature is

November 12th 2015 | Mythology

10 Facts about Bigfoot

Facts about Bigfoot tell you about the hominid like creature which live in the Pacific Northwest area of North

June 26th 2015 | Mythology

10 Facts about Artemis

Facts about Artemis present the interesting information about the goddess of chase, chastity and moon.  There are several symbols

March 30th 2015 | Mythology

8 Facts about Aries

Let’s find out the mythological story in Facts about Aries. If you hear the word Aries, it always reminds

March 24th 2015 | Mythology
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