10 Facts about Acapella

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If you love music, why don’t you read Facts about Acapella? You will know more about the history of Acapella. You can find out that many colleges, universities, churches, and high schools have Acapella group. You can find out the perfect harmony when the people sing in Acapella style. Find out more facts about Acapella in the following post below:

Facts about Acapella 1: the meaning

Let’s find out the meaning of Acapella first. It was derived from an Italian world. The meaning is “in the manner of the chapel” or “in the manner of the church”. Actually it is defined as solo or group singing without any instrumental sound.

Facts about Acapella 2: today’s Acapella

In the past, people only sang without any instruments. Today, people can sing and use their voice to produce instruments. There are many kinds of Acapella that people use to sing. They can pick the choruses, barbershop quartets, contemporary music and gospel music.

Acapella Music

Acapella Music

Facts about Acapella 3: interest of Acapella

The interest of the people to hear and watch Acapella could be seen in 2009 till 2013 TV shows such as Pitch Perfect (a music comedy film), musical Perfect Harmony and The Sing-Off.

Facts about Acapella 4: a religious music

Acapella music was a religious music. It was often performed at church. It was developed in the end of 15th century in the form of polyphone Christian Acapella music. Josquin des Prez was the composer.

Acapella Perfomance

Acapella Perfomance

Facts about Acapella 5: modern Acapella

The modern Acapella is characterized with the movement on the doo wop and barbershop. There are many international champion quartets and choruses winning the Acapella events from the Barbershop Harmony Society and Harmony Inc.

Facts about Acapella 6: The Song Spinners

The Song Spinners was the Acapella vocal groups who got the best seller with their single Comin’ In On A Wing And A Prayer in July 1943.

Acapella Pic

Acapella Pic

Facts about Acapella 7: combination

The Acapella performance was mixed with jazz harmonies in 1950s. Some groups who did it include The Four Freshmen and The Hi-Los. If you want to know about the traditional music, get facts about aboriginal music here.

Facts about Acapella 8: popularity

Acapella was very popular at the end of 1980s. There are many famous singers who did Acapella such as The Nylons, The Manhattan Transfer, All-4-One, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, and Bobby McFerrin.



Facts about Acapella 9: contemporary Acapella

The contemporary Acapella is very different from the traditional Acapella. It involves with the performance of a vocal band or group with beatboxing or vocal percussion.

Facts about Acapella 10: professional Acapella groups

Some professional Acapella groups include The House Jacks, Pentatonix, Straight No Chaser, Mosaic and Rockapella. Check out the facts of Aaliyah to know the famous singer.

Facts about Acapella

Facts about Acapella

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