10 Facts about Aquifers

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Aquifers if you want to know the underground layer of water which contains sand, silt, gravel and permeable rocks. The layer enables the people to extract groundwater if they use water well. You can study hydrogeology if you are interested to know the characterization and water flow in aquifers. Here are other facts about aquifers for you:

Facts about Aquifers 1: the depth

Let’s find out the depth of aquifers. It may come in different depths.  People can use the aquifer closer to the surface to form irrigation and water supply.

Facts about Aquifers 2: the related terms

There are several related terms associated with aquifers. One of them is aquiclude.  This term is used to define the impermeable area which overlays or underlays aquifer. Aquiclude is very solid. Another term is aquitard. It is used to call the bed of low permeability of an aquifer.

Aquifer System

Aquifer System

Facts about Aquifers 3: the water supply in desert

If you think that living in desert is impossible, you are wrong.  You can exploit the limestone hills or mountains in the desert if you want to get the groundwater sources.

Facts about Aquifers 4: the shallow aquifers

There are several examples of shallow aquifers that you can find in the world. You can check it in Jebel Akhdar in Oman, Atlas Mountains in North Africa, parts of the Sierra Nevada, Lebanon and Palestine. Get facts about Africa here.

Aquifers Facts

Aquifers Facts

Facts about Aquifers 5: the overexploitation

The overexploitation of aquifers can lead into negativity. The small country with big number of population often has increased water usage. It will reduce the water table. In Israel and Libya, the water is also prone to contamination with the saltwater from the sea.

Facts about Aquifers 6: the large freshwater aquifers

People are very surprised to know that Australia, North America, China and South Africa have the large freshwater aquifers located under continental shelves. Find out facts about America here.

Aquifers Pic

Aquifers Pic

Facts about Aquifers 7: the groundwater

The groundwater is not only spotted in the desert. People can also have underground rivers. For example, you can see the water flows inside the caves.

Facts about Aquifers 8: the importance of aquifer

Aquifer is very important in human civilization. When people settle, they always need water to drink. Moreover, they need it to crop and plant in the agricultural sectors.



Facts about Aquifers 9: the application of aquifers

Until this present day, many big cities in the world have the water supply from the wells in aquifers.

Facts about Aquifers 10: the large wells

The large wells are needed for the industrial, irrigation and municipal water supplies.

Facts about Aquifers

Facts about Aquifers

Are you satisfied with facts about aquifers?

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