10 Facts about Charlie Bucket

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Facts about Charlie Bucket talk about the protagonist character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The name also becomes the title character. The sequel of this story has the title Charlie and Great Glass Elevator. Due to the popularity of the books, there are various film adaptations made. Find out other interesting Charlie Bucket facts below:

Facts about Charlie Bucket 1: the characters and personalities

If you have read the books or watched the movies, can you depict the personalities of Charlie Bucket? He is brave, kind and nice.

Facts about Charlie Bucket 2: the poor boy

Charlie Bucket is a poor boy for he has to live with his father, mother, bedridden grandmothers and grandfathers. Find facts about Captain Hook here.

Charlie Bucket Film

Charlie Bucket Film

Facts about Charlie Bucket 3: the film adaptation

There are various film adaptations based on Charlie Bucket’s stories. After he finished school, he had a newspaper route depicted in the film adaptation in 1971.

Facts about Charlie Bucket 4: the hunt for the Golden Tickets

The hunt for the Golden Tickets is one of the main subjects in the story. Charlie and his family always checked the progress of the golden tickets.

Charlie Bucket facts

Charlie Bucket facts

Facts about Charlie Bucket 5: Charlie and other four finalists

Charlie was very different from the other four finalists. He was generous, kind hearted and honest. Get facts about Catwoman here.

Facts about Charlie Bucket 6: Peter Ostrum

Peter Ostrum was the actor who portrayed Charlie Bucket in 1971 film adaptation.

Facts about Charlie Bucket

Facts about Charlie Bucket

Facts about Charlie Bucket 7: the story of Charlie in the novel

Wonka chose Charlie Bucket as the heir of the chocolate factor at the end of the tour based on the novel.  The family of Charlie was allowed to move into the chocolate factor along with him.

Facts about Charlie Bucket 8: the story of 1971 film

The 1971 film had different story. Charlie was able to get the chocolate factory after he returned an Everlasting Gobstopper to Wonka.

Charlie Bucket

Charlie Bucket

Facts about Charlie Bucket 9: 2005 film

If you watch 2005 film, it had different ending. Since Charlie wanted to live in the factory with his family, he rejected Wonka’s offer to manage the factory. Wonka did not allow his family to join him.

Facts about Charlie Bucket 10: reconcile with his father

Finally Wonka allowed Charlie and his family to live in the factory. It was after Charlie helped him to reconcile with his father. The book is very famous in the world until this present day. In 1964, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc first published Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in United States. In 1967, it was published for the first time in United Kingdom by George Allen & Unwin.

Charlie Bucket Pic

Charlie Bucket Pic

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