10 Facts about Christopher Paolini

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Facts about Christopher Paolini discuss the life of the notable American author. He was born in Los Angeles, California on 17 November 1983. The books of Paolini are very popular. Those include Eragon, Inheritance, Brisingr and Eldest. The first book of Paolini was written in Paradise Valley, Montana. Get other facts about Paolini below:

Facts about Christopher Paolini 1: the early life

Paolini spent his childhood time in Paradise Valley, Montana. He has a younger sister. Her name is Angele Paolini. His mother is Talita Paolini, while his father is Kenneth Paolini.

Facts about Christopher Paolini 2: the education

When he was 15 years old, Paolini graduated from the high school. He was educated in home schooling.

Christopher Paolini Author

Christopher Paolini Author

Facts about Christopher Paolini 3: the work

Paolini began writing his book after he graduated from high school. His first work can be seen in the popular novel Eragon.

Facts about Christopher Paolini 4: the publisher of Eragon

The publishing company of his parents, Paolini International LLC published Eragon in 2002. There were more than 135 schools and libraries that Paolini visited to promote this book. During the promotion, Paolini dressed up in medieval costume. He wore a black cap, lace up boots, billowy black pants and medieval red shirt.

Christopher Paolini Pic

Christopher Paolini Pic

Facts about Christopher Paolini 5: the cover

The first edition of Eragon featured the drawing of Paolini at the cover. You can see the image of Saphira’s eyes. Alfred A. Knopf made an offer to publish Eragon and other books in Inheritance Cycle after Carl Hiaasen introduced the book that his stepson loved to Knopf.

Facts about Christopher Paolini 6: the publication of Eragon

In August 2003, Knopf published the 2nd edition of Eragon. When Paolini was only 19 years old, he was appointed as the bestselling author by New York Times.

Christopher Paolini

Christopher Paolini

Facts about Christopher Paolini 7: the movie of Eragon

Eragon was adapted into a movie by Fox 2000 in December 2006. On 23 August 2005, the sequel of Eragon, Eldest was released.

Facts about Christopher Paolini 8: the third book in Inheritance Cycle

On 20 September 2008, Brisingr was released on the market. It is the third book of the cycle. Find facts about Chinua Achebe here.

Christopher Paolini Pictures

Christopher Paolini Pictures

Facts about Christopher Paolini 9: the fourth book

The fourth book was entitled Inheritance. It was used to conclude all stories from the previous books. Actually the Inheritance Cycle was created as a trilogy. Get Facts about Christopher Paul Curtis here.

Facts about Christopher Paolini 10: the sales

There are around 35 million copies of Inheritance Cycle sold in various parts of the world. On 8 November 2011, Inheritance was released in Australia, EU, New Zealand, Australia and India.

Christopher Paolini Facts

Christopher Paolini Facts

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