10 Facts about Aerogel

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Facts about Aerogel tell you about the unique synthetic porous ultra light material.  It was made from gel which leads into a gas. Actually it has the liquid component, but then it is replaced with a gas. Therefore, you can find the low thermal conductivity and low density on the Aerogel. Learn more about Aerogel by reading the following post below:

Facts about Aerogel 1: Samuel Stephens Kistler

Do you know the first creator of Aerogel? It was made in 1931 by Samuel Stephens Kistler. Actually he had a bet with Charles Learned. Samuel could place gas inside the jellies and replaced the liquid without making the jellies shrunk.

Facts about Aerogel 2: nicknames

There are various names that you can use to call Aerogel. You can call it solid air or even solid smoke. Some people also called it as a blue smoke since it presents the blue translucent color when it is touched by light.

Aerogel Color

Aerogel Color

Facts about Aerogel 3: how to make Aerogel

The material to make Aerogel is various. You can produce it from many kinds of chemical compounds.  You have to use the supercritical drying to extract the liquid from a gel. The solid matrix of the gel will never collapse when you dry off the liquid inside the solid.

Facts about Aerogel 4: silica gels

Silicon gels were used to create the first Aerogel. The creator of the Aerogel used different kinds of materials such as tin dioxide, alumina and chromia. In 1980s, people began to develop carbon Aerogel.

Aerogel Picture

Aerogel Picture

Facts about Aerogel 5: examples of Aerogel

There are some common examples of Aerogel today. Some of them are zeolites, glass and micro porous silica.

Facts about Aerogel 6: characteristics of Aerogel

Let’s define the characteristics of Aerogel.  Many people think that Aerogel resembles a gel. Actually it is not true.  The item is dry, rigid and solid. The name does not reflect the characteristics of an Aerogel.

Aerogel Samples

Aerogel Samples

Facts about Aerogel 7: why is it called an Aerogel?

The item is called an Aerogel because it is created from gel. It is pressed to avoid any minor mark left on the gel.

Facts about Aerogel 8: thermal insulators

The heat transfers such as radiation, conduction and convection can be annulled by Aerogel. Therefore, it is included as one of the best thermal insulators.




Facts about Aerogel 9: Silica Aerogel

One of the examples of poor conductors of heat is silica Aerogel. Check an unique element in actinium facts.

Facts about Aerogel 10: conductive insulators

Aerogel is included as good conductive insulators. It is due to the fact that this Aerogel is created from glass and gas.

Facts about Aerogel

Facts about Aerogel

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