10 Facts about Alex Katz

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Let’s discuss Facts about Alex Katz if you want to know the American figurative artist. There are many galleries in the world which display his prints, paintings and sculptures. Katz gains the recognition internationally. You can check out more facts about him below:

Facts about Alex Katz 1: date of birth

Alex Katz was born on 24 July 1927 in Brooklyn, New York. His family is Jewish. Because of the Soviet revolution, his father lost a factory in Russia. Therefore, the family moved to St. Albans, Queens. It was the place where Katz was raised by his family.

Facts about Alex Katz 2: education

Let’s find out his education.  He attended Cooper Union in New York in 1946 till 1949. Then when went to Skowhegan, Maine to study at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 1949 till 1950.

Alex Katz  Pic

Alex Katz Pic

Facts about Alex Katz 3: Skowhegan

Skowhegan is very important to the life of Katz because it made him devoted his life to paint. In the beginning of June to middle September, Katz will go to the clapboard farmhouse in Lincolnville in Maine from his SoHo Loft.

Facts about Alex Katz 4: Ada Del Moro

Ada Del Moro and Katz met at a gallery opening. She was a student of biology at New York University. Katz was blessed with his first and only son in 1960. He named it Vincent Katz. Check another artist in Alberto Giacometti facts here.

Alex Katz Facts

Alex Katz Facts

Facts about Alex Katz 5: finding his style

Finding his unique style as a painter is not easy to do.  During his first 10 years as a painter. Katz had broken a thousand paintings to know his true painting style.

Facts about Alex Katz 6: free art

He decided to paint his art freely since 1950s. He admitted that he does not really like narrative.

Alex Katz Painter

Alex Katz Painter

Facts about Alex Katz 7: fame

His struggle to get the public recognition was paid in 1980s. He got the fame that he wanted because of his bold simplicity, large painting and heightened color.

Facts about Alex Katz 8: genres

There are two main genres that Katz focuses on his painting. They are the landscape and portraiture. He often created portraits of writers, artists, and family members.  He also spent his time painting the landscape of Maine and New York City.

Alex Katz Painting

Alex Katz Painting

Facts about Alex Katz 9: large scale painting

He began to make the large scale paintings in the beginning of 1960s. The billboard advertising, television and film influenced this idea a lot.

Facts about Alex Katz 10: his wife

One of the biggest inspirations was his wife. He and Ada married in 1958. There are more than 250 pieces of her portraits.

Facts about Alex Katz

Facts about Alex Katz

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