10 Facts about ASD

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If you are interested to know about autism, you have to check Facts about ASD. At first, autism was used to call the adult schizophrenia. It was coined by a Swiss psychiatrist named Eugen Bleuler.  Then the term was separated from Schizophrenia by Leo Kanner because both autism and Schizophrenia are not related. It leads to the modern understanding of autism. Let me show you more facts about ASD in the following post below:

Facts about ASD 1: mutation

Autism spectrum disorder is caused by the mutations in Chromosome 16. It contains “morpheus” genes which have something to do with human evolution.

Facts about ASD 2: detection

The detection of autism cannot be conducted by using image, scan or blood test.   The diagnosis can only be done by using the screening or observation of behavior.

ASD Children

ASD Children

Facts about ASD 3: the cause of mutation

There are several causes of mutation which can lead into the development of autism such as the heavy metal exposure, chemicals, drugs, extensive TV viewing, infection during pregnancy and flame retardant.

Facts about ASD 4: precipitation

The rate of having autism is higher if you live in counties with higher level of precipitations.  This report is based on the study which finds out that the risk of autism is higher on the counties with higher precipitations. It is due to the fact that the people have decreased vitamin D, carry more pollutants and have extensive TV watching.

Facts about ASD

Facts about ASD

Facts about ASD 5: compared to other diseases

Compared to other diseases such as AIDS, diabetes and cancer, ASD is much more common to see in our daily life. Check facts about ADHD here.

Facts about ASD 6: the brain

It seems that ASD affects the part of the brain called amygdale.  Compared to the brain of normal children, the brain of the autism children is 13 percent larger.

ASD Picture

ASD Picture

Facts about ASD 7: the autism research

To improve the autism research, the Obama administration spent $211 million. It also enabled the scientists to do screening of all patients with autism disorders.

Facts about ASD 8: the three main symptoms of autism

There are three main symptoms of autism during the early infancy that the parents should notice. Those include the repetitive behavior, impaired social interaction and communication challenges.



Facts about ASD 9: the coexisting condition

There are several coexisting conditions that the patients of autism may experience such as the tuberos sclerosis, epileptic seizures, learning disabilities and Tourette syndrome. Get facts about anxiety disorder here.

Facts about ASD 10: epilepsy

There is no clear cause own why several children with autism develop epilepsy when they reach adulthood stage.

ASD Facts

ASD Facts

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