10 Facts about Black Dwarf Stars

Saturday, July 11th 2015. | Astronomy

Let me show the cooled white dwarf which has no light or heat anymore in Facts about Black Dwarf Star. The white dwarf turns into the black dwarf for it has no significant light again. The scientists believe that it will take more than the age of the universe to make the white dwarf turns into black dwarf. Moreover, they believe that the existence of black dwarf is not seen in the universe yet. Get more interesting facts about black dwarf stars below:

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars 1: the term dwarf

The substellar objects are often called by the scientists as black dwarf too. The mass is very small. It is expected to have the mass around 0.08 M. The object has less mass for it should maintain the nuclear fusion by having the hydrogen burning.

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars 2: the brown dwarf

Now you can use the term brown dwarf to call those substellar objects. This term was introduced in 1970s.

Black Dwarf

Black Dwarf

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars 3: the black hole

If you think that black dwarf stars are similar with black hole, you are totally wrong. The black hole does not emit light, but it can absorb the light and other items in strong forces. Get facts about black hole here.

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars 4: the future of the sun

The sun is very important for the people on earth. The scientists have predicted the future life of sun in various researches.

Black Dwarf Stars

Black Dwarf Stars

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars 5: the sun and white dwarf

They believe that the sun will turn into a white dwarf in about five billion years. At that time, the sun stops fusing the helium.

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars 6: the sun and black dwarf

After it becomes a white dwarf, the sun will become a black dwarf in billion years.  Then it will not emit the light anymore.

Black Dwarf Star Pic

Black Dwarf Star Pic

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars 7: the invisible sun

When the sun becomes the black dwarf, the people who live on earth will never be able to see this star anymore. It is due to the fact that the star does not emit any light again.

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars 8: the estimated time to become a black

The scientists estimate that it will take around 1015 (1 quadrillion) years for the sun to become a black dwarf.

Black Dwarf Star Facts

Black Dwarf Star Facts

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars 9: the hypothetical theory

Black dwarf actually is only a hypothetical theory. It is very different from the white dwarf, brown dwarf and red dwarf.

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars 10: the internal source of heat

The internal source of heat is not available anymore in a white dwarf. It still looks shining because of the heat.

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars

Facts about Black Dwarf Stars

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