10 Facts about Comet

Tuesday, February 16th 2016. | Astronomy

Facts about Comet talk about the object in the outer space divided into two categories. Both are the non periodic and periodic comet. There are various comets named based on the discoverers. One of the famous examples is Comet Halley. Sir Edmond Halley discovered the comet. Now IAU or International Astronomical Union governs the rule to name the comet. Let’s find other interesting facts about comet below:

Facts about Comet 1: the nucleus

Ice is the main composition of nucleus in the comet.  The size of comet’s nucleus is very small.

Facts about Comet 2: perihelion

Perihelion is a term used to call the closest point of a comet’s orbit to the sun. Aphelion is the term used to call the distant point of the comet’s orbit with the sun.



Facts about Comet 3: the closer distance with the sun

The ice located inside the nucleus of comet starts to sublimate when it is affected by the sun’s heat. You can view a small jet of material which reminds you with the look of a mini geyser when the ice is closer to the surface of comet.

Facts about Comet 4: the mass of comet

The mass of comet will be decreased when it experiences the sublimation due to the sun’s heat. This condition can make the comet break up or disintegrate.

Comet Tail

Comet Tail

Facts about Comet 5: the components of comet

Can you mention some important components of comet? Those include super cold methane, frozen water, carbon dioxide ices, ammonia, rock, and dust.

Facts about Comet 6: the tails

There are two tails owned by a comet. The plasma tail is not easy to view with naked eye but it can be photographed. Another one is the dust tail that you can see with naked eye.

Comet Pic

Comet Pic

Facts about Comet 7: the orbit of comet

In most cases, the shape of comet’s orbit is elliptical. The formation of comets usually occurs in the Kuiper Belts and Oort Cloud. Check facts about comets and meteors here.

Facts about Comet 8: the presence of comet

Comet is a new thing to observe. Actually there were various ancient cultures in the world which noticed the presence of comet.

Facts about Comet

Facts about Comet

Facts about Comet 9: the short period and long period comet

The Oort cloud usually generates the comet with long period. The short period comets are believed to form in the Kuiper belt.

Facts about Comet 10: the difference of comet and asteroid

Asteroid and comet are two different objects in the space. The main distinction is seen on the presence of a tail on the comet. Asteroid does not have it. Find Black Hole facts here.

Comet Parts

Comet Parts

Are you impressed after reading facts about comet?

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