10 Facts about Caernarfon Castle

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Get the interesting Facts about Caernarfon Castle in the below post. It is one of the main attractions in Wales. The location of the castle is in Caernarfon, Gwynedd. People love to enjoy the view in the castle for it reminds them with the medieval era. In the end of 11th century until 1283, a motte and bailey castle was seen in Caernarfon town. Then the building was replaced with stone structure by King Edward I of England. Let’s check other interesting facts about Caernarfon below:

Facts about Caernarfon Castle 1: the administrative center

The administrative center for north Wales was located in the Edwardian town and castle due to the presence of big scale defenses.

Facts about Caernarfon Castle 2: the cost of construction

The cost for the construction of town walls as well as the castle reached Caernarfon £20,000 and £25,000. It was the cost for the beginning of the project until the end of the project in 1330.

Caernarfon Castle beauty

Caernarfon Castle beauty

Facts about Caernarfon Castle 3: the completion of the castle

The plan to create this castle was never completed. The interior never survived for a long time even though the exterior design of the castle was mostly finished.

Facts about Caernarfon Castle 4: the abandonment of Caernarfon Castle

In the end of 19th century, Caernarfon Castle was abandoned by the people. However, the fund to repair the castle was collected by the government in 1870s.

Caernarfon Castle Picture

Caernarfon Castle Picture

Facts about Caernarfon Castle 5: Llewellyn Turner

Llewellyn Turner was the deputy constable who supervised the project for repairing the castle. But his project remained controversial for he did not conserved the existing stonework, but restoring and rebuilding the castle.

Facts about Caernarfon Castle 6: the renovation

There were several areas renovated on the castle such as the roofs, battlements and steps.

Facts about Caernarfon Castle

Facts about Caernarfon Castle

Facts about Caernarfon Castle 7: the moat

Actually the locals protested again the clearance of the moat located to the north of the castle. Check building facts here.

Facts about Caernarfon Castle 8: investiture

The investiture of the Prince of Wales was conducted in the castle in 1911. Chancellor of the Exchequer David Lloyd George insisted to make the ceremony held in the castle.

Caernarfon Castle View

Caernarfon Castle View

Facts about Caernarfon Castle 9: another investiture

Another investiture was conducted in the castle in 1969 for Charles, Prince of Wales. It was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

Facts about Caernarfon Castle 10: who cares for Caernarfon Castle?

Cadw is the responsible to care and maintain this historic building.  It is the historic environment division of Welsh government. Find out facts about Burj Khalifa here.

Caernarfon Castle Facts

Caernarfon Castle Facts

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